Kasonde Mwenda


This UPND government is dangerous- Kasonde Mwenda

Based on frivolous lies, Government has confirmed doing away with INDENI Refinery even when experts have advised against that because INDENI Refinery is not just our Energy back bone but highly profitable.

President Hakainde Hichilema does not believe in Fixing, he lied. He sells even what others laboured to build. That’s who he is. 30 years ago he misled President FTJ to sell national asserts and killed our economy and many people lost jobs while him and a small “clique” became millionaires. Again 20 years ago he misled government as lead consultant to sell Luanshya Mine for a song, to date a once beautiful Luanshya laments in poverty. Today he is back to finish off where he left. Its a second PRIVATIZATION. May God deliver us!
The real reasons they want to sell INDENI Refinery is because the are greedy and covetous of our National asserts. They want to own the energy sector at the expense of Zambians. Secondly, the privatizers themselves want to buy shares for themselves, that’s what they did to Intercontinental Hotels where our president ended up being chairman after conducting the sale.

While visionary countries are building refineries and industries, us we are becoming a country with no oil refinery! What a shame! Soon this country will be plunged into untold misery. Work hard and Prepare adequately, the days ahead are hard but he will not be brave enough to tell you this truth.

As Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF party we will not sit idle. We will fight for mother Zambia.

Wherever we want to go Our feet shall take us there.

Kasonde Mwenda C
Eonomic Freedom Fighters -EFF President


  1. Short-listing national assets for sale under the privatisation programme was always done by the owner of the assets, the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Do u hv a problem with living with the truth?

  2. within 3 months and boom the former MMD minister brings in the MMD ideology, last time Mwanakatwe was busy announcing taxation system from VAT to Sales Tax and misled the former President who went rampant announcing the implementation on airport interviews, but came to happen was that the ministry made the decision minus involving the stakeholders. Things now started happening in reverse, consulting after announcing the decision and guess what? 95% stakeholders gave them the consequences and costs associated to that transition which were negative to the economy. That deal never materialized, so I urge these technocrats to consult and research extensively as these quick decision have been embarrassing them.

  3. Even when Indeni is in private hands why is it that we have the most expensive fuel in the world. I have been converted to believe in the power and merits of the private sector. There may be be no need to hold on to something if you can not utilise it properly. Mr Mwenda should have objected to the sale of ZANACO, Chilaga Cement and Nakambala Sugar. This is what I call simple politiking. It is not productive.

  4. Mr.Kasonde, please educate me on this one. Why is it that Botswana has no refinery and yet their fuel is cheaper than in Zambia?
    What economic value is the refinery serving?
    Do you know that in Nigeria it is cheaper to import finished products than using the local processed crude oil?

  5. I will only believe that the cost of fuel will reduce , when I see it going down. The previous government wasted tax payers money by going to Saudi Arabia and sign fake fuel deals only to be hit by an increase in the fuel pump price. I don’t trust politicians anymore.

  6. Wasn’t it just the other week when kasonde lied about the president’s trip abroad? Kasonde is a liar and an attention seeker. You will not go anywhere with your cheap politics.

  7. Mr. We know that Zambia is Democratic nation and people get to talk and express their thought but, as for now we need technocrats and high brain activity people. As for you we can not learn anything from u


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