Tongues wag after Cassper Nyovest gets baptised in swimming pool

Cassper Nyovest

After spending the last few months speaking on his newfound relationship with God, a video of South African rapper Cassper Nyovest being baptised in a swimming pool has set tongues wagging on social media.

Towards the end of 2023, Nyovest made several videos in which he detailed how he was forging a closer relationship with his maker, as he seeks to reinvent himself as a person.

Living up to that vow, a video of Nyovest being baptised in what seems like a swimming pool with other believers has emerged.

On social media, some criticised Nyovest for getting baptised on what they claimed was an unconventional water source for such a ceremony.

Others however, sympathised with the rapper.

“It’s the non believers who are suddenly theologians and want to dictate where and how baptism should be done… weeh,” one X user said.

Nyovest has been dropping some nuggets of religious wisdom on his social media platforms over the last few weeks.

“Life can get hard, but life is never a burden. Life is beyond human understanding, but life is not confusing when you lean on the word of God,” he shared with his followers recently.

He continued: “You are very smart, but you don’t know anything if you don’t know God. Jesus is the light, have a great day. Love.”


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