Traitor? Michael Usi accused of forsaking Chilima’s memorials


Vice President Michael Usi, a comedian-turned-politician is under criticism for not participating in the nationwide candlelight memorial services honoring the late Saulos Chilima.

Instead, Usi presided over a meeting with players from the creative sector at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre, his first official function since assuming the Vice Presidency.

Usi, who is also the Vice President of the UTM party, has been accused of disrespecting the memory of Dr. Chilima, who died in a plane crash on June 10, 2024.

The candlelight memorials, organized by UTM, were held in various locations across the country, including Mulanje, Karonga, Rumphi, Mzimba, Ntcheu, and Balaka.

Social media pundits have expressed disappointment and outrage over Usi’s absence from the memorial services, questioning his commitment to honoring his predecessor’s legacy.

Despite being a prominent figure in the UTM party, Usi’s decision to skip the events has raised eyebrows and sparked debate.

Meanwhile, Malawians have also attacked Usi for presiding over a peripheral meeting at the expense of more pressing issues happening in the country.

“A very bad start by the Vice President. Really, a week has gone since becoming Vice President, and all what is his PREAMBLE is this meeting. Lacking seriousness. Malawians have high hopes in him as Vice President, not as Manganya.” wrote Che Langa.

“This is a priority disorder” Gideon Moucha concurred with Langa.

The meeting with the creative sector, a community Usi is familiar with as a comedian, has been perceived as a low-priority engagement amidst the country’s pressing issues, further fueling the criticism.

Usi’s absence from the candlelight memorials and his decision to prioritize a less crucial meeting have raised questions about his leadership priorities and commitment to honoring the legacy of his predecessor.

Source: Malawi Voice


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