Truce approaching though Israel has not yet commented – Leader of Hamas


The head of Hamas says the group is almost done making a “peace agreement” with Israel, making people hopeful that fighting in Gaza will stop and that hostages could be released.

Israel has not said anything. PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country will keep fighting until the hostages are brought home.
Hamas might give back hostages if Israel lets Palestinians out of jail, AFP and Al Jazeera say.

US President Joe Biden said he thinks an agreement is almost ready. The White House said fighting would stop temporarily to allow hostages to be safely released.

The Red Cross has been meeting with Hamas leaders in Qatar, which is making people hopeful for future deals.
Meanwhile, there is still fighting in Gaza. The Israeli military has surrounded the city of Jabalia in the north.

The health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, said that 13,300 people, including over 5,000 children, have died in Israel’s recent military action.

Israel started fighting against the Gaza Strip, which is run by Hamas, because Hamas fighters went over the border on 7 October. They killed 1,200 people and took over 200 people as hostages.


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