By Helga Chibwe

Two people have been burnt to ashes in a Road Traffic Accident involving a locomotive train and fuel tanker truck at the Railway crossing near Kapiri Mposhi Glass factory on great north road.

Central Province Police Commanding Officer, Donald Mwandila says the two deceased people are the operator and co-operator of the locomotive train who were coming from South to North.

He has identified the driver of the Fuel tanker truck as Timothy Shawa of house number 364/13 Matero Township of Lusaka who was driving FAW Tanker Truck and trailer registration number BBA 2400zm/BBA2313T from South to North.

Mr. Mwandila says the accident happened when the truck driver failed to stop at the Railway crossing in the process the truck was hit by the oncoming locomotive which had the right of way.

The locomotive operator and his co-operator died on the spot and their bodies burnt to ashes while the driver of the truck has survived.

The motor vehicle was extensively damaged while the locomotive had its head completely burnt to ashes.- Diamond TV


  1. A train always has the right of way. He didn’t want to wait for the long train now two people have lost their lives leaving families to suffer. Lock him up and throw away the keys. No five years please. Plus his company should compensate for loss of life.


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