Two men poisoned by two unknown women at a lodge in Kitwe


A Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) employee and his Chinese national friend were on Friday allegedly drugged and left unconscious at a lodge in Kitwe after they were spotted having drinks with two unknown Tanzanian women.

This is in a case in which Nobutula Lodge in Riverside, manager reported to police that one of the clients, a named ZRA employee and his friend a Chinese national were found sleeping in uncousious state in their respective rooms.

Copperbelt province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said also found were some red vomits on their beddings and on the floor.

She said the two ladies allegedly stole a laptop property for ZRA, laptop bag, external hard drive, K2000 cash money and some clothes.

Mrs Zulu said a cellphone and a small bag containing unknown items for a Chinese national were also stolen.

“Facts of the matter are that, At the time the victim was checking-in , two ladies of Tanzanian national whose names not known also checked – in.

They together started drinking , eventually a male Chinese national a friend to the ZRA employee joined them. It’s from that moment when one victim woke up with a knock on his door by his workmates and found himself naked while his Chinese friend in the other room was found laying on the floor,” she said.

Mrs Zulu said the two Tanzanian ladies were at the time nowhere to be seen as they were reported to have checked out at 02: 00hrs.

She said the two victims were rushed to Kitwe Teaching hospital were they were put on observation.


  1. What was the ZRA guy doing in a motel with a company computer and a Chinese friend plus two prostitutes. Sounds very fishy to me. ZRA please protect your computers


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