UK-based Nigerian woman narrates how she was fired few hours after posting her job on social media

Akorede was fired for posting her job on social media

A young Nigerian lady, identified as Akorede and known on TikTok as @korrxss, was fired by a UK-based luxury department store, Harrods, even before commencing her first shift.

The termination followed a viral video in which she shared news of her recent employment at the establishment on her social media page.

Akorede had initially gained attention on social media with a video where she discussed her new job at Harrods. In the video, she expressed excitement about her elevated social status, claiming to be dealing with “the richest of the rich.”

“I’m dealing with the richest of the rich, who are you dealing with [giggles]?

“Let me know if you want tips on how to get in.”

Little did she know that her joyous proclamation would take a turn.

In a subsequent video, Akorede revealed the news of her termination, stating that she had not even started her first shift when she received the dismissal letter.

Expressing disappointment, she speculated that someone might have sent the video to the company, leading to her firing.

“I got fired! Before I even did my first shift, I got fired. Someone must have sent the video ‘cos I don’t know how they must have found it. I took that video after I attended my induction; I’ve not even attended my first shift.

“That was really sad. I learnt a really valuable lesson; don’t ever tell good news to people or the internet, keep it to yourself. Upon reflection, that was kind of a shitty video; I was just joking and was just excited,” she said in the subsequent video.


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