Unemployed Youths To Conduct A Peacefull Protest Tomorrow



By Charles kakula

Come one, come all our fellow youths. Tomorrow we need to be heard.

We shall not subscribe to violence or vandalism but to peacefully demostrate.

Tomorrow being a 7th of June, 2023. We will march to the ministry of defense office along indepence avenue opposite presidential burial site.
The demostration will start exactly at 07:00 before the offices are open so the minister finds is there.

Two days ago the ministery of defense permanent secretary issued a statement after, he saw the letter of notification to the police concerning the demo.

To all the media, kindly join us to cover, this event.

By Charles kakula.


  1. There is no country in the world, developed or un developed which has managed to employ all its youths, so staging demonstrations is a sheer waste of your precious time, you won’t benefit anything. This time you have a responsible and caring government, they have made a very fertile ground for the youths development. Instead of wasting your time demonstrating, try any of the following, 1. Go to school and learn a skill, you will find a job. 2. Find something to do, then look for help from SME, CEEC, CDF, you pick up and prosper. 3. You go farming, there is a big yawning market for maize which you can’t even satisfy and you will make a lot of money. 4. Stop or avoid being used by politicians in opposition, they will waste your time and fail you, life is what you take it to be, it is always good to the hardworking, otherwise the days of dishing out money to people who are doing nothing are long gone. That is how many of you youths were spoiled.

  2. Taking to the streets is unhelpful. It’s better to have a conversation with those they think should do something about Zambia’s problem of massive joblessness. That’s what will work.


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