UNFATHOMED: Kamanga Should Know FAZ Is Not His Chicken Run- Augustine Mukoka


Augustine Mukoka

UNFATHOMED: Kamanga Should Know FAZ Is Not His Chicken Run

I watched the match involving Barcelona Legends and Chipolopolo 2012 AfCON champions on Barca TV.

The channel proudly displayed the team’s legends and in studio commentators spoke highly of Zambia.

To imagine that Mbesuma, Katongo, Kalaba & Kalusha, among others could not make it to any FAZ media platform is unfathomable.

The Zambian 2012 champions assumed their immortal status via the FAZ platform.

Irrespective of who occupies FAZ office at a given time, whether that person likes them or not, they earned their right to feature on those platforms.

It’s embarrassing that FAZ would ignore the 2012 champions to this extent.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga should know better that the association is not a limited company, a sole trader or a chicken run in his backyard.

Any Zambian is a stakeholder and thousands of those stakeholders were at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka while more than hundreds of thousands others streamed online and watched on TV.

Very sad to say this, but Mr. Kamanga must grow up.

Honestly, the big man must grow up. We cant be such a petty and childish society.

Let love, peace and unity, not useless egos prevail.

It was an exciting moment.

Even people who are not soccer fans were glued to watch the match, perhaps even Mr. Kamanga’s family members.

Zambia calo chesu, icalo cha ba kristiani.

Please, let’s demonstrate we are a Christian nation, not lip-servicing the word of God is some uniforms we should ordinarily not be wearing.

It’s sad the beautiful memories of Zambia’s 2012 champions, 11 years later, would never be relieved through FAZ media platforms.

I am saddened, folks


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