Tunisia get Dilamba treatment from Janny’s watch

TUNISIA were this afternoon given a bitter taste of poor refeering in the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations being held in Cameroon by Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe.

The Cathage Eagles, as the Tunisian team is known, are the tournament’s highest ranked team and were expected to make an easy meal of the boys from desert dusty dunes of Bamako, Mali but things unravelled as they went one bill down.

Nose bloodied but with time to stage a comeback, a Mbala mafia, in the name of Janny Sikazwe however blew his final whistle in the 85th minute drawing protests from the Tunisians.

Having noted that his Seiko watch from Kamwala could have misled him, Janny gave the game more time but again in the 89th minute brought it to a premature halt.

This final premature enjaculation of sound from the Zambian referee’s whistle threw the Tunisians in a mud frenzy as they sought to remove the Nakonde rice from his tummy.

Despite their livid protests, however, Janny could not get the game up again and brought it to a premature end.

Mali won the game by one goal to nil.

Caption: Janny Sikazwe leaving the studium with security personnel

Kalemba January 12, 2022


  1. I think he has embarrassed himself, he has embarrassed Zambia and Africa at large. In football, even one minute is a lot of time to change the game, but we are talking about five minutes here, worse if say, we add four minutes extra time he could have given them, then it adds to nine minutes. Even FIFA cannot accept such a mistake, the best is just to withdraw him from the tournament, penalize him and possibly ban him from officiating in future international matches. This is not the first time for the Mbala boy to blunder, stories are there even from the previous matches.

    • Why are you rushing to all this harsh judgement? Maybe his watch was wrong but is he the first ref to make a mistake? Ama jealous down. And note to the writer: Janny does not wear a watch from kamwala. Kkkkk

  2. Let’s be honest enough and admit that our best referee on the local scene had a terrible day at the office. All refs have two watches during football games, and there’s no way both could be faulty. There’s also the third ref on the touch line who also keeps time of the game. Nanny should have been in contact with his touch line colleague to avoid such an embarrassment.

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