Harry Kalaba with Bushiri


HARRY Kalaba was yesterday ratified as the Democratic Party 2021 presidential candidate.

The opposition party held an extraordinary national convention in Chilanga and Kalaba went through unopposed as the party president.

Most of the DP’s main decision-making body, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) retained their positions.

Kalaba resigned as foreign affairs minister on January 2, 2018, and later started campaigning for the Republican presidency.

At yesterday’s national convention, Kalaba called upon people from all walks of life and all parts of Zambia, regardless of their tribe, religion, level of education, background, gender or age, to join the DP.

He tipped Zambians to be a part of a team that would liberate the country and restore the hope that founding fathers fought so much for “with their own blood.”

“It is time to believe again! It is time to believe in a dream of a better Zambia, where all Zambians will be treated as equals and no one person or tribal grouping being made to feel superior or otherwise,” said Kalaba.



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