PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has described UNZALARU general secretary Dr Kelvin Mambwe as an educated idiot because he has failed to use his education to improve the institution which he is a part of.

And Phiri says she does not comment on technical issues because she is only a certificate holder, disclosing that she declined an offer to be honored with a doctorate because she doesn’t “want to live a lie”.

Speaking when she featured on Joy FM’s The Platform programme, Thursday, Phiri lamented that Dr Mambwe called her an idiot, because she is going to vote for President Edgar Lungu in 2021.

“I am going to vote for Edgar Chagwa Lungu again, and he says I am an idiot, do you know that’s biggest challenge we have in this country, we have educated idiots like Kelvin Mambwe who are in an institution, we have Professors and we have himself as a doctor when they are supposed to put their brains together. That University of Zambia is a grant aided institution, grants are given from government but they are supposed to make their own money as an institution. Students pay to that institution, we have students who are on parallel programs who are paying to that institution. They have York farm which is theirs, they have cattle at the University of Zambia, and there is a farm where I live in Waterfalls [area] which they haven’t utilized,” Phiri said.

“I think he is a very educated idiot which is very sad. You have educated people, calling himself a doctor, working at the same institution, he can’t use his brains which he has acquired through education to help the institution which he is part of.”

And Phiri said she is proud of her certificates and wouldn’t want to live a lie by getting an honorary doctorate.

“I am not a technocrat, do you know my qualifications? I have a Cabin attendant certificate, Pre-School teacher certificate, no diploma, no degree you want me to be sounding like a technocrat? And I am very proud of who I am, you go to the parliamentary website, you will find that I don’t like lying. And I have refused to be given a doctorate, I was approached to pay K5,000 so that I can be called Dr Phiri, I said no, that’s not my portion, I am very comfortable being called Mrs Phiri, I don’t want to have titles which don’t match with my capacity of thinking, notice me, I am very proud of being what I am,” said Phiri.


  1. The biggest IDIOT in Zambia is Mumbi Phiri, she is so an IDIOT that she cant see her own IDIOCY! What a way to be an IDIOT!! And then she goes on to call others idiots. Its because she is an IDIOT!! what a task for those clinging to the dying PF, they will call others idiots but it does show, no impact because it is at variance with the truth, with reality. But anyone can call these PF IDIOTS like Mumbi Phiri and it sticks and stick hard, reason? Because it is in unison with the truth, with reality. So let Mumbi Phiri call me an idiot a million times i dont care an inch, it just doesnt make any impact for an IDIOT like Mumbi Phiri to call me or any one like the literate, enlightened, educated, radical revolutionary like the UNZALARU GENERAL SECRETARY. But look, to be called an IDIOT by such a wayward person like the UNZALARU GENERAL SECRETARY what a pain it makes to the IDIOTS targetted! To the IDIOTS in PF. Look at how they are jumping! They are jumping the highest because calling them the IDIOTS they are resonates with who they truly are, thats why the amplitude of jumping is astoundingly this high. The entire PF is jumping calling them IDIOTS!! THEY ARE IDIOTS INDEED, and? And trully, ONLY AN IDIOT CAN VOTE FOR THESE IDIOTS IN ANY ELECTION .
    DESCLAIMER on behalf of anyone calling PF IDIOTS:
    We gave power to PF to govern and bring prosperity to the nation of Zambia. Can PF say those who voted for them were idiots to do so? No. Yet PF, are now the source of our missery, instead of prosperity, we have loadshedding unprecedented, high fuel price, high electricity cost, high mealie meal price, compromised govt institutions makamaka Concourt, DEC, Anticorruption, etc over and above terrible scandals in 42 firetenders, 48 corruption houses, presidential jet, hammer mills, forest 27, forest 70, KKI airport renovations, exhobitant road construction, retiring on tribal lines, tribalism in govt jobs etc. LOOK, IT IS NOT THAT ANYONE MADE PF IDIOTS, IT IS THEMSEVES….!! GIVEN POWER TO RULE AND BRING PROSPERITY TO US ALL, THEY CHOSE TO BRING MISSERY…., YOU MADE YOURSELF IDIOTS, WE ARE JUST CALLING YOU AS SUCH AFTER YOU DID IT TO YOURSELVES, YOU IDIOTS.

  2. Me, I know down from heart that I am not an idiot but I will still vote for PF. Insulting each other ladies and gentlemen will not change the status quo. Let us respect one another even in the midst of political frustrations.


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