UPND Govt See’s Zambians As Slaves, Nowonder They Are Putting Money Into Foreigners, Charges Nawakwi



“In all fairness, when you look at what PF did, the activities which they were starting; fish farming, cashew nuts, cassava processing, sugarcane plantation they had foresight.

These ones (UPND administration), they are just following in the footsteps of PF, and because they are not the originators of the ideas they are going to fail,” said FDD leader Edith Nawakwi to Daily Revelation media.

“I am very disappointed from the minister’s budget presentation because they are saying stabilise inflation, stabilise the Kwacha and grow the economy. For them they see a Zambian as a perpetual slave and worker. They have no idea that a Zambian can be an employer. I don’t see anywhere where they are saying a Zambian can be a business person. They are putting money in foreign owned enterprises; mines, the farm blocks.” – Daily Revelation


  1. I did not know that even farm blocks are for foreigners, but you EN, you are a business woman and you produce sausages and employ people, where is your disappointment coming from?

    • Some women invites insults and curses. Nawakwi will never get a dysent marriage. She is not yet morally and spiritually cleansed after losing two husbands. She is haunted is living under a curse. She needs deliverance.

  2. Edith Nawakwi’s jealousy will kill her. She presented the worst budget in the history of Zambia. Her government was more interested in lighting up marketplaces with highly inefficient light bulbs, consuming more electricity without any plans to produce more. I wish Zambian journalists would be researchers who can dig into the archives and reveal Nawakwi’s budget. She condemns the UPND government for going to the IMF when she was always abroad begging for debt relief from the western countries. Please, put this woman in her place and retire her in the national interest. She has nothing to offer Zambians, and it is a pity that we will have a state funeral one day for someone who is so destructive just because she was once a minister. By the way, the government should scrap this state funeral issue for former ministers. Many do not deserve the honour.

  3. just keep on studying the utterances and actions of the members of the cartel of pf alliance. They cant appreciate anything good and progressive. All they want is anarchyunfortunately more zambians are being encouraged to acquire more education through free education, bursaies and eduation loan schemes, meal allowances, etc which the crooks thought practically impossible to implement. so EN tame yo tongue because zambians are now actively sharing truths about fundamental aspects about politics, economy, social and culture. today right people liken you to some being haunted by over 1500 spirits of brutally murdered black and white pigs

  4. When she was Finance Minister, she was putting money in the pockets of Frederick Chiluba in the form of a presidential slash find. The slash fund was a reckless way of spending tax payer money

  5. Yes it’s true jealous is a brain worn that eat the owner and its very active in this woman’s head, I wish it can finish her faster to give us peace. From 1991 to the end of MMD Zambia enjoy high level of donor aid from the west, with IMF but since her thinking material has been eaten by the worm it doesn’t remember. She came to be a minister with alot of free charity money coming into the country instead of creating employment, they created die hard cadres the bowman’s congratulations there you archived. For now we don’t want your advice nor opinion.

  6. Nawakwi’s madness is getting worse. She does not stop to think about the implications of her statements. The money that is going into constituencies is it also going to foreigners. She never had any ideas of empowering districts when she was at Finance but now UPND she hates is thinking of villages in constituencies. It is good that MMD and PF are gone.

  7. Zambians stop insulting on every issue. This is a democratic country and every one is entitled to her or his opinion. We are not going to grow as a country with these kind of insults. Come on wake up and consider your ways and be wise. Give advise only not insults. If it was PF what will be your reaction. Zambia shall be free and one Zambia one nation

  8. Should we be all starting cassava processing. If the PF started cassava processing then we should see it progressing and growing. Nawakwi is with the PF who started the Ndola – Mufulira road and we can see the road is “beautiful”.


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