It would be foolish close to insanity to pretend that it was not the PF internal wrangles that brought down the Party.

Yes we had our very own big fish like Chishimba Kambwili and KBF Literally fighting the party and to think the loss of PF in the last August elections was because UPND gained popularity is far from the truth.

PF lost because our leaders were practically divided and at each other’s throats and so everyone suffered.

Yes we can forgive but forgetting is a whole new level.

Even now when we are in opposition, their is this sense of division amongst the leaders and thier followers.

You often hear statements such as no CK no PF, and the trend is slowly growing, forgetting that it was this very behavior that divided us on the first place.

And the leaders are quiet about the unfortunate behavior of thier followers forgetting that we support PF because of its ideologies, and our idea is to support who ever is elected as the president of the party even if that person is not other members preference.

But the unity of the party cannot be done from the bottom but from the top.

It’s therefore the duty of the heads of the party to put thier differences aside for the sake of the rest of the members.

The idea of allowing party members to claim that without an individual then thier is no PF, will only divide us further and by the end of the day, yes PF will die and members will find other parties to support.

UPND is at it’s weakest because they lack the ability to govern and the possibility of PF bouncing back is high but the unity of our leaders is the key to the simple equation.

Nipano Tuli



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