UPND Is Politically Dull- Saboi Imboela



By Isaac Zulu

National Democratic Congress leader Saboi Imboela has charged that the UPND, as a political party, is politically dull.

In an interview, Imboela said that should stop their arrogance by reacting angrily to the Catholic Church over the issues they have been raising regarding the many challenges facing the Zambian people, but should learn to listen to the word of wisdom coming from the Church.

She explained that the Catholic Church has, from time immemorial, played a pivotal role in supplementing government’s efforts in the provision of social services; such as in the past health and education sectors, saying the UPND administration should not wage a war against the Catholic Bishops for merely speaking out on the numerous issues affecting the masses in communities.

Imboela reminded the UPND administration that the Catholic Church has been in existence even before the UPND could not form government, saying the same Church would continue existing even when the current regime loses power.

“I have been saying that the UPND, as a political party, is dull polically and I will say it again… they are politically dull. The Catholic Church has always been speaking out on injustices, persecution and other challenges facing communities from time immemorial. The Catholic Church has been in existence way back before the UPND existed and this Church will still be there even after the UPND is long gone,” Imboela said. “The Catholic Church and its Bishops have always been playing a pivotal role in the provision of social services such as education and health; therefore one wonders why they have opted to wage a war against the Catholic Church.”

Imboela said that, other than that, the Catholic Church has historically played an important role in the growth of civil society organisations, which she said has resulted in establishment of vibrant civil society organisations across the world. – Daily Revelation


  1. The problem of arrogance and uncontrolled resentment is that even when you try to objectively give advise on a matter, you miss the mark because you are blinded by your anger.

    How do you start by telling off the people you want to advise , and expect them to listen to you. This behavior lacks intelligence. The same people will not take it kindly that they are being publicly insulted by someone who is a paper weight in politics.

    Let’s be factual. How do you explain the mere fact that the same people being looked at as politically dull are the current ruling party.

    Does this not mean politically they managed to out smart their opponents. So who is dull here you or them? What is the definition of political intelligence. Is it not winning and ruling. If winning an election is the goal and you hit the bulls eye it is means you have achieved your vision.

    Learn some of these important intelligent points from your friends it will help to strengthen your political career my sister.

    It is better to just state what you think is wrong in the hope that your friends will correct their error. That is if your are being truthful.

    On the other hand to try and discredit them as being dull when they are in power , clearly makes you look more unwise. Especially that they are rectifying the mess left behind by your partners. We need maturity in politics not angry people determined to pull down even what is perceived to be good things by the voters. A good example is the increased CDF allocations and all the other good polices being introduced.

    As a voter I am embarrassed at your lack of wisdom and common sense on this very clear position.

    Over the religious sentiments currently going on. There seems to be more than meets the eye. Sometimes leaders even in the religious cycles can get carried away with their political affiliations and can misuse their position and voice as leaders of the people they serve. If they take a partisan path they can cause a lot of damage.

    Trouble is in the same congregations where they preach, their congregants belong to various political faiths or persuasions. Clearly in this scenario it is better to be non partisan while preaching the truth and allowing their congregants Judge for themselves what they feel is the best way to follow.

    They can call out injustice without being personal and giving credit to the political leaders when they make good polices. Remaining continuously angry and opposed on every thing is a strange position to take. It is being partisan or acting as a Cadre.

    Therefore I don’t think it’s wise for the religious leaders to align themselves with any political party as they should be accessible by all politicians and hence can effectively play the role of mediator.

  2. Really? How smart are you if you are still leading a small political party with no chance in hell of becoming a ruling party? You need to stop joking and do something else besides politics. You were thriving during the thieves rule. Now you are upset because all the avenues of stealing are slowly being closed by the politically ‘Dull’ party!


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