Some UPND members petition adoption of Andrew Tayengwa as Kabwata candidate…cite ‘fake’ NRC, G12.

Tayengwa’s brand new NRC was obtained this morning while Mike Mulabi who was tipped to be picked was at the secretariat to get his adoption certificate.

Some party members allege corruption in Tayengwa’s adoption and want the President And Vice-President to intervene.


  1. So we have a village called Harare under chief Zimbabwe in Lusaka ? Why not provide full details as captured on birth certificate even one was born out of Zambia ? Let’s wait & see how this pans out ?

  2. Already UPND has started making mistakes, how do you float a person like that for Kabwata constituency surely. He is not an MP material at all! apart from all the mentioned irregularities in the Petition he can’t make it he looks thuggery . We are UPND but you have started disappointing us very and we are likely to desert you quickly. Get serious UPND for once please. That gentleman can not even beat Chilufya Tayali on a level ground.

  3. @ Mailo, I could not agree with you more. Very disappointed with how some issues are being handled, nothing methodical at all. 1991 reloaded, just another set of sweet talkers.

  4. Why not try Mr. Mwaliteta, now that he has gotten his G12 certificate. I think he’s a better placed candidate than this said ZimZam citizen of Harare village, Ba UPND you are becoming just another No Plan party on this one.

  5. Yaba, it seems upnd has no members. Apart from appointing pf and other party cadres leaving their own, they have now resorted to hiring zimzim into parliament. What level of disorderly is this?


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