Numbers don’t lie: he is simply the worst President ever

Another below-par performance for President Hakainde Hichilema’s self praising under performing UPND government in the Education Sector as he sits at the bottom with only 35% GCE pass rate, against a national average of 60%, the worst of all past president’s performance after one year in office.

There is need for a lot of hard work and discipline in order to provide QUALITY EDUCATION not just quantity.

Grade 12 full School certificates performance after One year in office :

Edgar Lungu: 61.94% in 2016 from 57.08% in 2015
Rupiah Banda: 60.60% in 2009 from 69.50% in 2002
Levy Mwanawasa: 60.21% in 2003 from 69.50% in 2002

Michael Sata: 58.08% in 2012 from 59.60% in 2011

Hakainde Hichilema: 35.61% in 2022 from 67.15% in 2021

Wherever we want to go our feet will take us there.

Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President


  1. No you are wrong all the previous quoted regime were mared by leakages which due to his good governance such is becoming thing of the past. We have had enough of 100% pass rate yet pupil’s can’t even read nor write properly. Well done HH let only the best go to university maybe only then are we going to have proper lawyers and judges to interpret the laws and constitution as it was formulated.

  2. This man called Kasonde Mwenda is not only foolish but very dull, the President does not write GCE exams, he does not teach those to write GCE exams and the results have nothing to do with him, not even with the Minister or the PS. If anything, these results could be the best because this time around, there is order in the way things are done, no leakages, people no longer write from their big offices and so on. Results are a true reflection of the writers’ performance and there is nothing wrong with that. If ZIALE could have only one pass out of 300, what did that have to do with ECL or any former President? Can you see how you are exhibiting your dullness? As a student or pupil, you have to prepare for the exams, otherwise the current President cannot make you pass or influence your passing. Mulelanda ifya mano, nga uli chikopo, kufeluka boy. It is either you are adequately prepared and pass or you are ill prepared and fail, leave the President and UPND alone.

  3. First you think before you talk, don’t talk just because you have mouth. Who told you that presidents write exams for candidates. You see because of hatred you look like you have no brains. Are you alone in your party?
    Consult before you put anything in the media.

  4. Best results so far, leakage free. No more corruption or hiring of teachers to write exams for cadres or ministers. Somebody who failed during his school days to up with 6 points as a minister and you call that sense and praise the chief plunderer ‘ubomba mwibala’. Your thinking capacity is way below the normal threshold.

  5. Surely these are true results unlike the ones in recent years where Examinations Council of Zambia was asked to add 30 marks or so for every examination candidate


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