With respect to respect to the Police investigations which must be above board and professional, the treatment of Jay Jay by the State is sickening, it’s inhumane.

At this point it looks like the State is deliberately keeping Jay Jay in custody so that he does not not speak to the public in his voice and from his own place of comfort.

At the moment, President Hichilema and his Government are looking very bad in the way they are handling Jay Jay Banda. The State is behaving like a bunch of mafias.

President Hichilema should also refrain from convicting Citizens at his press conferences no matter how he strongly feels about someone.

The behavior of calling out defenseless citizens who do not possess instruments of power, is Un-Presidential and shows that the Republican President lacks any sense of Justice.


  1. Please understand that JJ committed offences and will be treated like any other suspect until the court rules. Why are people siding with wrongs. Why do you people not make noise about the poor person from some shanty that has committed the same offense. Let us have sanity and fair play in our country.

    • Sadly, we are dealing with a group of people who comit crimes and think by being Political players they are beyond reproach. We all equal before the law.

  2. Silavwe has a right to be concerned about what he thinks is not right. May I urge Mr. Silavwe and his fellow opposition leaders to take keen interest in corruption cases involving UPND leaders (councillors, mayors, MPs, ministers, etc). Otherwise the cases will disappear in thin air.

  3. Jackson Silavwa is an uncout, inexperienced and unimformed politician who is good at making noise on things he doesn’t understand. Can Silavwa suggest to the police how Jay Jay Banda who committed serious atrocities should be treated by the Police? It is shameful for the opposition political parties to condemning condemn the Police for carrying out their duties. Being a Member of Parliament does not protect Jay Jay Banda from be handled as a criminal looking at the magnitude of the crime he committed. During the the PF regime Jay Jay Banda and other PF thugs did not observe and respect the rule of law, they perpetuated crimes and violence by harassing and attacking innocent people. The repressive and brutal regime of Edgar Chagwa Lungu caused havoc and mayhem in this country by sponsoring hooliganism and thuggery action among its cadres.

    We should thank President Hikainde Hichilema for containing hooliganism, thuggery and violence among political cadres. In Public places there is order and sanity and the police have improved in conducting their duties.

    His Excellency President Hikainde Hichilema and his government are working hard to stabilise the economy that was mismanaged and misappropriated by the PF corrupt leadership.

    It is also important for Jay Jay Banda to stop acting childishly and let the police prosecute him by allowing the rule of law to take its course than putting up unnecessary drama to attract public sympathy and attention.

    When the rule of law is meted on criminals, law breakers should not be too quick to blame and accuse the Republican President of being vengeful.


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