… He has HH’s protection.

Nothing will happen to United Party for National Development (UPND) secretary general Batuke Imenda for his hate speech against Archbishop of Lusaka Alick Banda and Catholic priests because he is enjoying the support and protection of President Hakainde Hichilema, Citizens First (CF) president Harry Kalaba has said.

Mr Kalaba said if President Hichilema did not agree with what Mr Imenda had said about the clergymen he would have either replaced him immediately to show remorse to the Catholic church or allowed police to arrest him following a complaint lodged by members of the public.
He was speaking when he featured on a live interview on Millennium Radio station today.

Mr Imenda recently called Archbishop Banda the “Lucifer of Zambia” and Catholic priests “Satans” in a strongly worded statement for criticising Mr Hichilema’s style of communicating with citizens.

Lately, there has been a bitter exchange of words between the Catholic Church in Zambia and the UPND government over remarks made by Fr Anthony Salangeta, a Catholic priest based in Chawama township, Lusaka.

Fr Salangeta said the graphs presented by President Hichilema at the last press conference were meaningless to poor Zambians because what mattered to them was whether they were able to afford the staple food, nshima.

The President angrily responded by calling the priest “a joker” who should take advantage of the free education his government had introduced and go back to school to learn the importance of numbers and graphs.

However, Archbishop Banda defended Fr Salangeta and vowed to protect all priests in his archdiocese.
More priests have now come out to defend Archbishop Banda and Fr Salangeta, and have vowed to continue speaking out on matters affecting citizens.
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  1. What Imeenda stated was not hate speech
    Lucifer was a beautiful angel created by God. Please our priests keep away from politics lest you get demeaned respect for the head of state should come from priests so we learn from them.

  2. Mr. Kalaba, during your time, who punished Bishop Chomba when he called HH a satanist? If anything you should thank HH for his good governance because people are insulting him on daily basis. No one punished Nixon Chilangwa for the cow remark, he said; you voted for a cow, did you see any ballot paper with a cow yourself? Saboi said we have a lunatic in state house, MZ said Lumezi people are intelligent than Bweengwa people, another one said HH is not normal, he is mentally sick, who has punished all these people or removed them? Priests like Anthony Salengeta are the ones who have the full protection of their bosses, haven’t you heard the threats that are coming out from there?

  3. No matter who becomes president,criticism will be there as long as the Zambian pipo are alive n things not ok.Everything is put on the President ‘s head coz he oversees everything. So the way forward is for the pipo HH has given various potfolios to make sure they pull up their socks and Performance to alleviate hunger and hardships in the nation.They should not be seen to defend HH by insulting those critical of und.HH is may be insulted not coz pipo hate him perse but because his team members are failing to deliver. If pipo criticise govt over mealie meal when the same is at K100.00 per 25Kg bag then it would be unhead of,but it isnt n the majority cannot afford, this is a fact.If your role here is to attack those critical of the system to be paid for your counter attacks then u are not doing a good Service to the Nation.There are many pipo insulting others to put food on the table for their families, those are known, atleast tho not all of them but some of us survive on our own n we are neutral n unbiased.we call a spade a spade whether talking to tribemates or nontribemates.FULL STOP !

  4. That demon possessed priest should apologize to the President. If he does not understand bar charts or histogram charts let him just shut his mouth like you Kalaba. We the enlightened enjoyed the President’s presentation.
    Read Malachi 2 verses 7-8 in the holy bible.

  5. Kalaba is just empty headed and so irrelevant to Zambian politics. Mr Imenda just called a spade by its name. Not a big spoon. We don’t want war in Zambia like Rwanda. The earlier the ugly face of Lucifer shows up the earlier it is unmasked so that people know the wolves in sheep skin. There is nothing spiritual about those caders hinding behind the Catholic pulpits….

    • I totally agree. Those 2 priests are NO saints. They are fallen from grace going by what was revealed by the 3 analysts that rebutted Sishuwa’s malicious article. Why should Imenda be punished? Similarly what would the govt be apologising to the a Catholic church for?


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