UPND to deal with suspected cadres harassing bus drivers and marketeers – Banda


UPND to deal with suspected cadres harassing bus drivers and marketeers – Banda

THE ruling UPND says it’s worried at the growing number of crimes involving junkies.

During a Press Briefing at the Anderson Kambela Mazoka House today, UPND Lusaka Province Youth chairperson, Anderson Banda expressed regret that junkies had been terrorizing members of the public mostly those in shanty towns.

He also challenged Members of Parliament-MPs-from Lusaka Province to consider including the construction of recreational facilities using the CDF allocation to their constituencies.

He said if left unattended to, the rise in junkie-related crimes would completely erode the country’s social fabric and one that would remain a perpetual threat to national security.

Asked to comment on the raging Cholera pandemic, Mr Banda said it was the duty of every Zambian citizen to ensure that they contributed to the fight against the scourge.

On allegations that named UPND youths were collecting money from bus drivers at Kulima Tower Bus Station, Mr Banda said the UPND-led Government doesn’t condone lawlessness, adding that members of the public were free to report any wrong doing to both the party Secretariate and law enforcement agencies-LEAs.

He stressed that since assuming public office in 2021, President Hakainde Hichilema had made it abundantly clear that no party affiliate would be shielded when found on the wrong side of the law, a directive Mr Banda said every real UPND member was expected to abide by.

He also reiterated the need for the citizenry to avoid the temptation of politicizing the Cholera PANDEMIC, saying politicizing the outbreak was unethical, unZambian, unAfrican and a move that would be tantamount to the practice of witchcraft.



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