…..As he guides the opposition members to use the current freedom of expression with dignity and within the confine of the law.


UPND Lusaka province youth chairperson Mr Anderson Banda has called on the opposition members to have constructive criticism and not bring the name of the head of State into redicule.

Mr Banda said the opposition shouldn’t take the calmness and tolerance by the UPND youths as a source of weaknes but they are doing so to respect the rule of law.

Mr Banda said the mandate has been left in the hands of the law enforcement agencies but if they dare the law enforcers, the UPND Youths will have no option but to respond in a way which they would understand.

He has called upon the opposition members like Mr Raphael Nakachinda, Mr Bowman Lusambo and others to practice mature politics because UPND Government has created a conducive environment to accommodate everyone in the political arena unlike before under their regime.

Mr Banda said politics of character assassination and propaganda will not make PF relevant to the people of Zambia who suffered beyond measures.

Mr Banda said it is unfortunate that Nakachinda and Lusambo are seeking public attention hence going as far as insulting and mocking the Head of state who is busy working on the economy which was plundered by the previous regime.

Mr Banda was speaking this when he featured on Prime TV breakfast show dubbed “WAKE UP ZAMBIA”.


  1. This is for Mr. Anderson Banda with the hope that you peruse ZO.

    Today Saturday, 15 January 2022, at about 12.15, I personally witnessed this on Leopard’s Hill Road near Crossroads: a convoy of people going to a burial in mini buses, back of trucks, etc. And they some were wearing red UPND regalia and UPND chitenges were hung on the sides of the buses and trucks. Nothing odd or unusual about that. What was odd and usual was that a bunch of these UPND youths were running alongside the funeral vehicles and simultaneously screaming at other drivers to move out of the way and harassing others. Some drivers had their cell phones snatched from them!

    Basically, start to tame these disruptive elements amongst you before this snowballs into PF cadre behaviour 2.0 and the distinction between red and green becomes indistinguishable.

    Lest you forget, this is the same kind of unruliness which was also a significant contributing factor to PF’s election-time demise.

    Please do something before it is too late and the little monster becomes a full grown ogre.



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