United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia President Charles Chanda who is mining emeralds in Lufwanyama says he can pay Zambia’s debt from change from his mining activities.

“I commit myself to pay the Eurobond that is due on 22nd September 2022. This will be a loan to the government of the Republic of Zambia. The payment is a bullet payment. Unless the government is not interested, I can pay”.

Imagine what the big mines can pay if they paid fair taxes.


  1. Interesting. Well let the administration engage with this man to see what it is they have to offer. If he is capable to settling this same why not work with him.

  2. Ba Chanda
    What happened, to the plots you were selling?
    You were implicated in land issues.
    Ikalenifye. Mukakakwa. Lekeni ukusabaila.

  3. Voilà….and our dept problem will be resolved just like that. No need for creditors’ & IMF engagements…..

    Why not go a step further Mr Chanda & buy out KCM & Mopani while at it ?
    You claim you have the mulla…

    Can’t wait to know how much you paid in taxes last year.

  4. I wonder why this Mr Chanda has been going scotfree. A number of people including myself paid him money for bogus plots he was selling. Today we have not received refunds nor the actual plots for which he got the money for. Today he can now be making a mockery of us that he has more money than the state yet he has not refunded us the people who bought plots from him that he widely publicized.

    Also law enforcement agencies why do you allow people who have committed crimes to go scot free

  5. Here is another one making fake promises. Politicians will do anything just to get elected into office. Once elected, it becomes another story.

    We are still trying to deal with fake promises that Hakainde made.

    I am not sure Zambians will be fooled again by fake promises.

  6. He’s just trying to be a patriot. If the selfish leader today had a heart like this one we couldn’t have been talking about IMF for those jobless doctors and teachers to be employed.
    We have a ritchest man on land ruling us. And very obvious this man’s money can’t make half of mr President’s money.

  7. The hollowness of some peoples’ Heads defy human imagination: Their Rantings always “start and end” with either HH, UPND, or Tongas, even when the Subject matter is far unrelated to the three, lupato lwamusango shani ulu kanshi, imwe bekala Chalo?

  8. The Govt should engage this guy without preconditions. However, the IMF deal must go ahead, that is what will unlock funding from many more investors.
    The UPND Govt has the rich approach to tackling the economic and debt problems. We don’t want to have a situation where the country ends up in the pockets of a few investors, foreign or local!


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