US approves plan to hit Iranian sites in Iraq and Syria – officials


The US has given the okay for a bunch of attacks on Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq, according to officials who talked to the media.
Officials say that the strikes will happen over a few days, and the weather will decide when they will happen.

A drone attack killed three US soldiers near the Syrian border in Jordan on Sunday.

The US said that a group backed by Iran was responsible for the attack.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, made up of several armed groups supported by Iran, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Iran said they did not hurt 41 US soldiers at the military base.

US officials have promised to do something about the drone attack, but President Joe Biden and other officials said the country does not want to start a big war with Iran.

Several groups supported by Iran have been launching more attacks on American and Israeli-related targets since the start of the Israel-Hamas war on 7 October.

The Iran-supported Houthis in Yemen have attacked ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. This has led the US and its allies to launch strikes in response.

According to a US defense official speaking to CBS, a drone was shot down in the Gulf of Aden and an unmanned sea drone was hit and destroyed in the Red Sea overnight.

The three soldiers who died in the attack will be brought back to the United States and taken to a Air Force base in Delaware on Friday. The White House said that President Biden will go.


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