Lusaka-Monday, 18th September 2023
Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, Chishimba Kambwili has advised President Hakainde Hichilema to vacate the decision given to the Zambia Police to arrest senior members of the Opposition.

Speaking in a Facebook posting, Dr. Kambwili stated that he was aware of heightened schemes to have senior members of the Opposition arrested for giving media interviews to the Zimbabwean Broadcasting Services.

He said President Hichilema in Opposition, gave numerous and strong interviews to Foreign Media against Heads of States and their policies.
He said as soon as he saw the letter from Dr. Nevers Mumba, he knew that the schemes to arrest members of the Opposition were in high gear.

He said the action to concoct the arrests on trumped up charges have been followed up by a media press briefing by UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson, Obvious Mwaliteta, who demanded that the Police arrest the Opposition leaders.
He said all these schemes were entrenching a dictatorship in Zambia.

Hon. Kambwili urged Government to concentrate on fighting and resolving the high cost of living, poverty and unemployment crises facing the country.

And Hon. Kambwili has condemned actions to restrict moments of Zambia’s Sixth President, Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
He said Government actions to stop former President Lungu to travel to Seoul, South Korea were illegal and immoral.
He said recent actions against the former President were unfortunate including action to cancel a Church Service in Ndola where Dr. Lungu was invited.

He said Zambian were being troubled by High Cost of Living and the high price of mealie-meal, fuel and other essential commodities and were looking for a long-lasting solution.


  1. The owner of the broken wind is truly lost. And is looking to mislead others. Those who are innocent have nothing to fear and welcome the opportunity to clear their names.

    It is not HH effecting arrests. It is the violated constitution that demands justice. We know that in Lungu’s era, the law was laid aside by words from Lungu himself. Lungu’s barber man was only arrested when government changed. If Lungu was still in power, that and many other cases would have been swept under the carpet.

    So Kambwili, please stop demonising an innocent man in order to let criminals go scot free. Criminals will be prosecuted, including Lungu himself, if grounds to remove his immunity are found. There are no special cases before the law.

  2. People are secretly scheming unreast between states and surely as one with ambitions of becoming president this is normal. Issues of economic policies and state security are totally different. From my understanding of the sentiments in the video is that “the president (Zambia) and Dr Nevers Mumba representing SADC” have a scheme for regime change in Zimbabwe and SADC countries still governed by liberation struggle regimes. To prove the escalation of this unreast a statement was given by a member of the regime in Zimbabwe confirming the desatisfaction. Kwena nangu kusapota even to TRAITORS. Zambia has leaders who can go to extremes to support CRIME as long as they are not in government SURE. Am surprised meaning something serious we don’t know maybe cooking behind the scenes. What are laws for but to,
    (a) Control the behavior and activities of citizens.
    (b) Punish those that break it
    Just wondering what type of leaders we can have if given the authority to mange the affairs of the state both from those that are in the documentary and supporting them.


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