Lusaka-7th February 2022

Lawyer Makebi Zulu has disclosed that the interrogation and arrest of Deputy Police Commissioner, Chisanga Chanda involved a known UPND cadre.

He said mr. Chanda was interrogated by police officers and a UPND cadre at a private house in Kalundu.

Mr. Zulu also disclosed that Mr. Chanda’s wife and her friend were also detained when they went to check on Mr. Chanda.

The Patrioc Front has condemned the gross lawlessness that has characterized the investigation and arrest of Mr. Chanda and his family.


  1. It only happens in Zambia. Police department is really disparaged. Not for once have our police department been free from cadres and political instructions. A Shame indeed.
    Is the department a political security wing? Maybe they should let Zambia know.

  2. This Zulu, is a politician and unethical lawyer. He is scamming the PF even on cases he can’t defend. When he finds the evidence in the case to overwhelming. He issues typical PF unsubstantiated statements. You must have heard Lubinda crying to MPs to contribute towards PF lawyers fees. He is feasting on PF corrupt leaders.

  3. It’s likely this Chanda guy has also been behind the leaks to Nakachinda. Look at it Nakachinda – Lungu, Chanda Assistant Commissioner still serving in Police – Lungu. Follow the Dots.

  4. Allegations of the presence a UPND cadre are false, malicious, and only intended to paint the police black while diverting public attention from the criminal investigations. Believe Nakachinda and company at your own peril!

  5. Dont deffend the offenders. When is question to answer, let them be asked.and respond reasonably. They have mouths and has some evidence and when found free they will be realized and when found wanting, they will defend themselves.
    It is not for you to talk on their behalf. Why dont they speak for themselves when they are releazed from being interrogated?
    ACC know what they are doing. All Zambians know that PF governance was full of corrupt people and to prove this is what is going on. Do you want the ACC to be interrogating non PF leaders? If all Zambians know that hose who were PF leaders mismanaged the resources for poor Zambians, and you PF Kabwolalaz want to defend your fellow Kabolalaz – ” a Clique of thieves”


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