Lusaka- 25th January 2023
We are alive at the International Monetary Fund country pffice in Lusaka.
Patriotic Front Presidential Candidate,Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba is at the International Monetary Office to deliver his Memorandum of Demand.

He is demanding that the IMF Managing Director Ms. Kristalina Georgieva apologises for the Structural Adjustments Programmes(SAP) that had severe adverse effects on Africa in the 1980s and 1990s. The programmes also destroyed economies, increased poverty and destroyed livelihoods in countries of inplementation.

Mr. Mwamba has also demanded for reforms for such IMF programmess as they fundamentally remained the same and have not changed.
Mr. Mwamba has alos called for restoration of sovereignty as he stated that President Hakainde Hichilema has ceded the country’s sovereignty to the IMF and foreign powers.

Mr. Mwamba has also condemned the remarks by US Treasury Secretary, Ms. Janet Yellen for her careless remarks against China.


  1. This irritating chap. You borrow heavily and mismanage the money. When IMF comes you condemn them. PF is behind this mess that UPND and IMF are trying to manage.

  2. This is Lunacy and indiscipline at its maximum. The fellow has never been elected to represent any part of the Zambian community. He is no longer a public servant. I fail to understand what gives him the courage to approach an international organization on behalf of Zambia or indeed on his behalf. Even if it is a matter of hate against individuals in the Zambian Government, I hope I am wrong but this going too far.


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