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I’ve noted a programme at the University of Zambia.

I am rushing to Lusaka, hoping to deliver my Memorandum of Demand to IMF Managing Director and Executive Chairperson of the International Monetary Fund, Ms. Kristalina Georgieva.

We are demanding an apology from the IMF for promoting adverse economic programmes that leave the poor more vulnerable, increases unemployment and cuts government support to the general population.

We are also demanding that the IMF boss apologises for the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) implemented in the late 1980s and 1990s that promoted privatization and liberalism that saw Zambia and other African countries de-industrialised, saw an increase in corporate and large scale corruption, saw reduced spending on health and education, and saw increase in poverty, unemployment, inequalities and encouraged dependence on foreign loans and aid at the expense of domestic resource mobilization.

We also recognise that since the IMF signed with Zambia the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) that should see Zambia obtain a $1.3billion loan bail-out package, this is tied to a Creditors Committee facilitated by the IMF to help resolve Zambia’s external debt.

Under the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) Zambia was among 48 countries that suspended debt service obligations.

Since November 2020, Zambia has not paid any debt service and this has given the country temporary respite to direct resources to social and economic programmes.

However the Creditors Committee must complete its work to restructure the debt or forgive the debt for the IMF programme to be effective. We will appeal to the Managing Director to help expedite this work.

We have expressed concern that the old SAP and the new IMF programmes are NOT significantly different as they call for removal of subsidies, increase in taxes and significant cut to public spending and reduction in investment in infrastructure and related projects.

These programmes remain harmful to the poor and vulnerable and regress the country’s ambitions to foster development.

We also recognise that our own leaders cannot escape blame as they have been active agents in implementing these harmful programmes, and in many cases, to the exclusion Parliament.

The Agreements remain secret and only convenient details are released.

This must stop.


  1. After you have done delivering the letter, take another letter to Sampa and tell him that in Matero at MK there are two dams on the road and people are calling MK as Sampa Dam. They are requesting that he travels a few kilometers to MK to see how he can sort out the problem instead of travelling miles round the country campaigning for PF presidency.

  2. Is this what the opposition is supposed to be doing? This is really sad from this failed group of people. They are trying to me this country ungovernable for sure , including displaying their hatred for the West.

  3. I cant imagine this happening during the reign of the PF administration . Cadres would have been sent to beat up Mwamba. Lusambo would have been shooting not in Lusaka Province, we don’t tolerate nonsense. Kapyongo not to be outdone would have mobilised the Zambia Police. There would have been threats of breaking someones legs all over. Chiefs too would have been mobilised to issue unholy condemnations. How things and situations change!

  4. I don’t blame this idiot, but UPND for giving too much freedom for them to fart every where. This could happen under PF or mmd or Unip.
    I have been saying always that this is Africa, you can’t rule a country as if you are pastoring a church. We have mad and brainless characters like this one. A little bit of dictatorship does magic, to cool these lunatics and gowns calling themselves leaders of opposition.

  5. I wonder why UPND is tolerating this nonsense from these idyots. It is ok for them to harrass UPND leadership not our visitors that come to help us!! These are not checks and balances but pure harassment of our visitors. Very soon, not may people will be happy to come to endure the disrepect from these mother fuckers!
    What is wrong with HH and UPND cadres that cannot protect visitors? Mr Mosquito, you are totally useless. What is your job in our party then? Visitors are being harrassed and you are doing nothing with your youths! Leave that job for someone that is not a coward. You have emabarrassed us enough.
    Mr Mwaliteta can look after our visitors better not you useless thin undernourished thing that cant do anything. You better Go and Go Now, swine!

  6. Chilyata, mind the language. Don’t fall into same category. Mr mwamba, you can’t go on a borrowing spree, praise yourselves for unprecedented infrastructure development and when owner demands for their money you cry blue murder! Why do you always want to mislead? SAP was structural adjustment prg, so that some money can be saved to pay back the debt. You ever learnt from it and you borrowed again ( by the way check your roads, all gone before you even pay) what a legacy! Parading yourself like that too s way too cheap


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