1. Very Interesting. We are are eager to hear the outcome of this very important issue. If true, why are we keeping such a person in very senior position? Questions will need to be answered on why he was kept in there by the previous government?

    Very Concerned Citizen

  2. HH will retire those that need to be relived of their duties in due course.

    It’s good you have reminded the Nation about the Judgement against Dr. MITI in Henry KAPOKO’s case.

    Of course you have ulterior motives for you to peruse this matter now which you did not pursue during ECL’s tenure.

    The truth shall come up one day.

  3. As much as there is some hidden motive in bringing this issue now, the truth remains that Miti was not supposed to be hired and offered that position in the first place after what the magistrate said about him.

    It is therefore not right for HH to keep him in that position even for a day. This boy has hinted on the complainant being among those who were trying to move proceeds of crime few weeks back, and if Miti is such a person, then HH must act now, or else keeping any of the bad Lungu eggs in this government will lead to the beginning of the downfall.

    Mr President, clean up the system now and not tomorrow, you have heard how some irresponsible cadres are even boasting that yours is a figure head while PF is the government in control. Please kick out any trace of the corrupt officials including at DEC and ACC otherwise your efforts will be in vain. Epo mpelele.

  4. This boy is right okey, but why didn’t he make this emphasis during pf reign? He was equally busy benefiting from pf, now he wants to make himself relevant. Ummmm……kaya mwe!

  5. Whether he disclosed then or now does not matter. This case was in open court and it was the due of each one of us to act. Stop asking unnecessary questions because you could have also brought this to light. Thank Munir!


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