1. He know to go back and sale kale ya pa market. It’s going to be tough.

    “Wealthy quickly gained shall never be blasted in the end; but he who saws little by little reaps sure reward.”

    “ He who laughs at a poor man mocks his maker”.

    “ God protects the way of the righteous but the way of a transgressors is hard”.

  2. You have been humbled ba lusambo. You demonised him, calling him a satanist and calling him a nobody but what you did was triple his blessings and today you have been shamed beyond measure. Respect everyone ba lusambo. Pf is finished and never to rule and oppress us again. We thank the almighty for this victory and freedom. You will cry till kingdom come.

  3. Why are they crying? HH is a nobody!! You mocked him, persecuted him, scolded him disgraced his family, you blocked him from meeting his supporters during campaigns yet you guys were everywhere campaigning, do you people realise what you did to HH and us?…you thought you were on top of the world…carders humiliated us citizens, people moved in fear for over five years…we cried each day because of you guys…believe me, you guys gonna cry for a very long time…KARMA!!

  4. The sad part is that ECL & Lusambo do not see that they were both liabilities to the iron fist rule, which Zambians have rejected

  5. It is so funny how this guy is even crying, sounds a like a moron. I’m so happy and grateful to the Zambians for getting rid of these people. The chap was busy terrorising and brutalising the people and treating them like they are not important. We remember during the covid-19 outbreak how he behaved, using the state machinery etc. I’m sure your holiday out of govt is going to be longer than you anticipated.

  6. Ba Lusambo save your tears now because more is coming. You people just went too far in abusing power with impunity. Save money your stolen money and find good lawyers because this time cleansed DEC and ACC are coming for you. Not only you but the following shameless and corrupt criminals; Kampyongo, Chitotela, Nawakwi, Chitalu Chilufya, Chanda Kabwe, Malanji, GBM, and many more. Just very recently you organised so-called virtual rallies whose sole purpose was to abuse, demonise, vilify and insult HH. You, Lusambo, was a star in this evil show where you demonstrated your knowledge of Bemba insults, which the Bemba themselves are scared to use. No ba Lusambo you should not cry. You knew what you were doing.

    • @mitimiti, those are what we call Crocodile tears, the real ones are coming after the state has secured convictions in the Courts of Law. PF was a pathetic mistake that should not have happened to Zambia. The above names of thugs and Imbeciles invokes sad memories and feelings in me. It is regrettable that we had to endure that way. In my language Tonga we say every experience you come across it either makes you stronger or weaker, but the PF experience made us stronger and unified, may the God lord bless Zambia.

  7. Dear Zambians, as we celebrate this victory, let us not forget those that fought this fight along with us, some of them may be called names like satanists, fake prophets but call them what you like, the fact is that they fought hard with us and never betrayed us, at this juncture, I would like to recognize the efforts that the JAGAN put in to the last battle, Seer 1, I say Job well done as I also commend all Zambians especially the youth for coming in numbers to seal this victory. to HH, I say you suffered on our behalf and it is to the Glory of God that this sweet victory has been bestowed upon you, please remember that from now you are the president of all Zambians and not of UPND like the predecessor behaved, wishing you all the Best in your leadership and remember that we are your employers.

  8. Lusambo, come and cry even the more, did you not say what does HH know about governing when he has not been in power as if your unfortunate foolish appointment made you more human than a dog you already were.

    Your primitive pride when you were and are still nothing blinded you to the reality that you were and will never be of the same class with those you were insulting and stealing from. The time for reckoning that I always talked about has now come, not as a revenge, but to let the real law take its course on all plunderers, thieves, corrupt and murderers of the innocent.

  9. I am actually disgusted to hear some dogs claiming that God is the one who gave Lungu the presidency, if at all that is true, why did he fail to defend what he gave Lungu? The only powerless God here is the devil.

  10. Exactly what we’re you working on with Lungu, what did he send you to do in Ndola? Guys, take note of his movements and activities when he came back to Ndola. Also, state security should check what luggage and items left state house from Saturday night.


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