….he was badly beaten, his face is swollen discloses Dr. Fred M’membe
Chilanga, Monday, November 14, 2022 (Smart Eagles)
Leader of the opposition Socialist Party (SP) Dr Fred M’membe has disclosed that EEP President Chilufya Tayali was badly beaten and his face is swollen.

Dr M’membe has described the arrest of Mr Tayali and the brutality he has been subjected to as barbaric.
He said the same people who are mistreating Tayali today used to complain about police brutality when they were in opposition.
He said this in Chilanga today after visiting Mr Tayali.

“The intention was to brutally beat him up. That is barbarism, this is not the way to police. The same people who are mistreating Tayali today were complaining about these things when they were in opposition,” he said.

“They wanted to be treated differently, they wanted to report themselves to police instead of being picked at night. Instead of their homes being broken into. What was bad for them is also bad for anybody else. If Mr Tayali has committed an offence, arrest him properly.”
Dr M’membe said the offense which Mr Tayali is being detained for all night all day is bailable.

“They have not formally charged him. He is not granted police bond, he has not been taken to the hospital, he needs to see the doctor definitely,” he said.

“I think we can be more humane with each other. The law enforcement was made for human beings. It was not meant for dogs, for animals. These police stations, police cells were meant for humans. No matter what offence a human being has committed, he’s still a human being and deserves to be treated as a human being.”

Meanwhile, the SP leader said Mr Tayali can be a little prickle but that does not take away his freedom and rights.
“If he crosses the line, there are laws for this country. There are laws of defamation, and other laws,” he said as he strongly opposed the beating of those in police custody.

Dr M’membe has also castigated the arresting of journalists who went to cover Mr Tayali’s arrest.
“The arrest of a prominent person like Tayali cannot be a private matter,” he said.

And Dr M’membe advised UPND against going on a path of vengeance.
He said “even those who mistreated them, there is no need for revenge.”


  1. Tayali deserves it and even more. Malice cannot be politics or checks and balances, who says?
    Zambian opposition politicians don’t know what they are doing and are totally oblivious to proper politics.
    The Police have been toothless and allowed the insults to be part of opposition politics. They have been watching as bystanders to insults from the opposition as if there are no laws in the country. Where was Kajoba all along?
    The dogs had the freedom to do and say anything malicious in breach of the laws. We say NO!! It’s time for you Police officers to do your job for which you are paid!

  2. Some people think they are still in the time of the PF regime and insult the police by calling them names when they are making an arrest. In this New Dawn time, the Police have been given back their power to arrest and detain. Insult them while performing their noble duty and they will give you a good hiding.

  3. Mr. Tayali is a major irritant but that does not give the police the right to brutalise him. The police are exhibiting mental laziness. Instead of beating him, they should find an appropriate law to charge him under and put him away for a while

    If he has not broken any law, he should be left alone. The police must not be allowed to engage in the kind of barbaric behaviour we witnessed under the PF regime. Let us move forward not dununa reverse please.

  4. I wish they could kick and take out all his teeth. What kind of freedom of speech is this guy practicing? He insults The President whenever he has a chance. What kind of hate is this? How many times has The President forgiven this chap? And the Police are relax. Atleast this time he’s been disciplined. Ndipo kafunika ku tibuliwa ma mbama yo kwana ka khoswe aka

  5. The action taken by the Police to detain the two media officials can not be left out with no comment. First of all a journalist is a potential partner of the government t and private institutions. Arresting the media personnel is retrogressive and I demand for unconditional release of the two media men as soon as possible, as for Mr. Chilufya Tayali I am sorry to say that he is a chap who do not have parents or relatives to guide his sour brains. Tayali has not behaved well in all his life, he has made himself a tool to communicate falsehood. Those calling for release of Tayali are themselves the funders of what Tayali speaks. The president and his Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu are the ones to blame for allowing the opposition PF to regroup than allowing them to rebrand. This is time to pick GBM and Jointly charge the duo so that the truth about the gassers and torchers of City markets and other public properties is established well. Tayali has dared the government for too long. Ba President the Job to arrest is not your Job but your IG and his team. Let this group with the mandate to clean the country do their Job professionally.

  6. Serves him right. He must have resisted arrest and may have verbally and physically abused the police. The ka Ma champ thinks he is law unto himself and that he rules part ot the country.

  7. Tayali has broken the law and is being edged by the opposition. Police have a duty to maintain peace and order. If Tayali doesn’t want to obey the laws, there’s a place for law breakers and lawlessness. It’s called prison. How does he suddenly fall sick and want medical attention. He should be transferred to remand prison where a nurse or medical officer can attend to him. As for the Journalist who was taking photographs. Journalist need to know that they can jeopardize investigation by being sensational and tip off the guys paying Tayali. It’s a pity all the NGO, and opposition Politicians don’t urge people to stop breaking the laws intentionally. What do these people want the police to be doing? Who signed into law the Cyber security & hate crimes law. It’s the same people making noise. You can’t have an adult being sponsored to insult people and you call it freedom of speech? When Tayali said Lungu is organising for war is the that free speech or inciting for insurrection? There so many things Tayali can do to earn a living. But he chooses not to and breaking the law to earn a living seem easier than doing the right thing. Let the police do their job. What Tayali is doing is cadrerism. PF is the only party that is still practicing caderism. It should come to an end. Let the court’s go and check if what he continues to do is freedom of speech. The PF & LUNGU have not disassociated themselves so far from Tayali’s statements.

  8. Next should be Sean Tembo and Nakachinda. We don’t want to hear this thing of bailing or police bond until they are panel beaten by our men and women in uniform and respected. Their lost senses need to be restored into their dumpy heads.
    Good job officers, next time pinch the balls. This guy is so irritating and annoying like flies over a carcass. President needs to be respected whether you agree with him or not. Had HH behaved like this under PF, am sorry to say, he wouldn’t be alive today as president.
    You can foolish and stupid, but there is a red line to all these nonsense.
    In Africa, to be a good president and be respected, you need to be a little bit a dictator, otherwise, people like theses can defecate on l face with impunity in the name of Freedom of speech, which they never had during PF. HH has been too soft to these guys who hate him with fundamental Passion.

  9. Tayali s stupidity and lack of respect has put him in this situation. If it s true he needs medical attention then he deserved all he got from the police. Can you imagine him being polite to the police when he can t respect the head of state. Please let him appear in court fast

  10. I dont know the crime that has been commited but bane, rest assured, Tayali deserves this beating. CT is a lunch type of character who can’t just let things be. Bakasungeko 2 months mu iinda namansanya ka idiot.

  11. Why is Mmembe lying? His family have denied that he was beaten and are wondering what Mmembe is up to.
    The family should take him to task; meanwhile the police must protect Tayali whilst in their custody because Mmembe can sponsor criminals in his cell to beat him and blame it on the Police to justify his lies.


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