…….as Concourt upholds Mundubile’s election as MP

Lusaka…. Wednesday, June 22, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

As the mighty Patriotic Front (PF) celebrates the Con Court ruling on Brian Mundubile as the duly elected Mporokoso Constituency Member of Parliament, party acting president Given Lubinda has said he expects a fire brand of the lawmaker.

Hon Lubinda is elated that the MP is returning to Parliament as leader of the opposition.

He is optimistic that Hon Mundubile will give spirited leadership to members of the opposition in Parliament.

The party acting president however bemoaned the appeal which was in court against the lawmaker.

He said it would have been nice if the Constitutional Court looked at the merit of such an appeal.

“It is obvious that the people who have been dragged to the high court on such appeals are having to spend a lot of money to pay lawyers and so on. It would have been nice for the Con Court also to look at the merit of these appeals because some of these appeals are not really worth bringing to court,” he said.

Thrilled with the Con Court ruling, the lawmaker said he believes that the people he represents made their decision way before last year’s elections.

He said the electorates made the decision based on what the then PF government had done in the area and how he represented them.

Constitutional Court deputy president Judge Professor Margaret Munalula today dismissed the appeal by UPND losing Mporokoso Parliamentary candidate John Sampa in which he challenged the High Court’s declaration that Mr Mundubile was duly elected.

The Superior Court dismissed the appeal on account that Mr Sampa had failed to provide enough evidence that the alleged malpractices affected the outcome of the elections held on August 12,2021 general election.



  1. Even these Bembas who appeal under Upnd in Bembaland must have their head examined. Surely they expect Bembas to vote for somebody who stands under Upnd in Mumpolokoso, to win. Then it proves that Bembas are not tribal! Because we have not heard of any election petition in the whole of Southern province, meaning it’s unthinkable to petition in Tongaland because even the Concourt will have difficulties, even in light of a million election malpractices, but everybody is said to have voted for Upnd. Meaning there’s a lot of tribal based voting there! Finally: who are the tribalists here? Is it those who practice tribalism or those who tell the tribalists to stop practicing tribalism!

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