1. How is the ZAF commander going to face HH after refusing him permission to fly so many times just because of one man. How is army commander going to face him after hinting at one time that if lungu doesn’t make it then they will move in. How is kanganja going to face him after refusing him permits to move freely from the time he was appointed IG. How is prisons commissioner going to face him after trying to sway votes by promising prisoners holidays and prisoners votes. All these guys need to go.

  2. Never mock God! Where are they today? Be fair to people, respect both in leadership and opposition…nobody know tomorrow! Ala Lesa, nimalyotola!!

  3. The defense chiefs are duty bound. Like those cleaning gtoilets they have work to do. It is not about how one feels, it is briefing the president. It is not bout how the president feels, he is to get the briefing. National duty both sides.

  4. Forgive them HH they allowed themselves to be used as if they dont have brains to think and make wise judgement. These poeple forgot their roles which they took oath, but again if you accept to dine with a mafia just know that next you ll be involved in pulling contraband for them, do you think valden was they for whiskey alone. Chagwa made himself venerable by the choice of poeple whom he choose to drink with, had him taken Guy musungu Scot he would have governed the country better. But sometimes we hate even the one directing you to safety. Next security chiefs should have ability to ask they boss and even advise him, which hh will be edgar to listen. If these security chiefs were royal to the constitution ELC would not have contested the third term. But thank you that you all finally realised that zambia belongs to zambians and not president lungu and his surrogates.


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