Edgar Lungu Is State Asset..therefore, whatever travel arrangements he wants to undertake he should inform Cabinet – Thabo Kawana


  1. Iyi mbuzi iyi. They think they will be in power forever! That instruction to eject Lungu from a plane came from Hichilema, because if it didn’t come from him, he could have advised to let him go after being told about it. Thats the truth Mr. Mbuzi ya munthu!

  2. Ba Musonda na ba Mandanda, in 2021 just before the elections we lost our founding father, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda. He had made it very clear to his family that upon his demise, he wanted to be buried next to his wife.

    The PF government overruled KK’s and his family’s wish and insisted that the late founding father was a state asset and was buried at the presidential burial grounds away from his wife.

    So ba Musonda na ba Mandanda, Mr. Lungu as a formee president IS A STATE ASSET and there are certain protocols that the asset has to abide by. If the PF government was justified to treat super Ken as a state asset, what’s so special about Mr. Lungu that he should be exempted from such protocols?


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