1. Increase the price of fuel at your own peril. This is going to cost your popularity in a great deal. You want to do that to please IMF.

  2. But you did not tell this to the Zambians during campaign. What
    You said was new dawn will reduce
    Fuel prices and electricity. Zambians
    Were expecting reduction and now
    Its the opposite.So everything will
    Go up.

  3. This will be the most unpopular decision by the new dawn government. And HH can not announce it himself. So Barry leaves it to Antony Chanda to make the most unpopular announcements. HH has become President at the most difficult time in the history of Zambia and he should no longer pretend. Things will be really tough with the IMF lurking in the background. He should tell Zambians the truth about what they will go through.

  4. Businesses have ways of reducing the impacts of fuel increases on their activities. As for public service employees they have no ways of reducing the effects other than tightening their belts. Before you take such drastic measures, at least pay gratuities and other terminal benefits. By so doing at least you will be reducing death rates among retirees.

  5. We shall show you icilonda in 2026 also, the person talking no capacity to criticize his pay master apart from justifying the oppression because he is busy flying everywhere his boss goes. They were promising to ease the living conditions but today fyacinja.

  6. Moto, campaigns are gone and the current government is able to see what was left for them to deal with. Sugarcoating and lies will never resolve the issues that was left by PF. Honest and humility are all mark of good leadership. Give this government the chance to deal with issues that are painful and difficult to come to terms with. ‘All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.’
    Tomorrow will be better than today

  7. Very wise move. It is important to tell the truth. No need to cover up issues. We all know the problem has been lack of investment in this sector. The answer here is honesty and real solutions to sort this out.

    The most important issues that needed urgent attention was mismanagement and corruption. There is no other solution other prudent profitable management and recapitalization of the electricity company.

    Any other wishes won’t help. Its time to bite the bullet and fix this inherited problem no more passing this to the next political opponent.

    For me its a step in the right direction. We can keep burying our heads in the sand.

  8. Fuel, utilities, and indeed food prices have gone up throughout the world due to inflation, and Zambia cannot be an exception in this interconnected world.


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