1. Jordan Chulu, buka you are lost sheep, so you support Toture of citizens by the new down government! Even if a citizen has committed a crime, Toture should not be there! And Joe Biden is quite after the nonsense he said about Edgar Lungu, when there are .ore corrupt people in one State of the United States than in Zambia. Even Donald Trump is answering corruption charges right now, Tax Evasion. Even some leaders in the current Zambian government are evading tax by banking their billions of US dollars in overseas accounts! That’s a crime! Except Zambian less are weak on that! You earn the money in Zambia and bank it overseas to avoid high taxes in Zambia! That’s criminal!

  2. manganga ,can you prove to Zambians that this murderer was tortured? Produce the facts before the Human Rights Commission. You would rather believe what the schizophrenic thick lipped Nakachinda than the what the Human Rights body is saying.
    Stick to your point man. We are not discussing Trump here. And again if you have evidence of the current Zambian government leaders evading tax, why don’t you report them to the ACC?

  3. How I wish Kalaba or any stupid person complaining over the murder suspect can vomit the same rubbish, if Lawrence Banda was their son, brother, cousin, uncle, or close relative in anyway.

  4. Stupid kalaba where were u when mudered Lawrence ? Where was human rights when Lawrence was mudered? Now mr kalaba since you are a human right advocate why don’t u take Lawrence’s and look after them . The poor children are made to suffer because of this muderer who took their dad before god’s time . He should have practiced his politics according to human rights then he would have not killed . Mulandu si uola. Today u are clever tomorrow u are fool. So be be careful don’t follow blindly what h are sent to do. Whoever had sent him is not there to confess . So let the law work. Period.


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