1. Be careful what you wish for!
    Your wish may be someone’s command!
    In life, avoid making too many enemies! You won’t know who hits you!

  2. Back Tayali, who wants to kill a fly like you. Stop making noise. Get a job to keep you busy. No one believes you any more. No one came to your house, you just had a bad dream.

  3. Tayali that was a put up show by you. The acting was so bad anyone with sense can see it. You are making up stories stop watching zee world and Nigerian movies. Your troubled mind had already told what your plan is of fleeing the country. You have court cases coming up I think so just keep calm. Stop making yourself sound important.

  4. Tayali is on self destruct mode. We all know those were not soldiers. You are going to jail too many cases and this time mpaka uzalima cabbage. You are looking for a way out but going to such extremes will not work. You are mouth for hire and it will backfire badly. Careful.


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