By Fanny Kalonda
LOCAL government minister Gary Nkombo has apologised to the woman and children who he forced to take the locally brewed illicit alcoholic beverage called kachasu.He however says no compensation will be made as compensating her will mean supporting the idea of brewing kachasu.

“My engagement with the press is first to tender an apology to the lady who we contacted this morning to try and talk to her on the trauma caused. I would like to state that I am very sorry,’’ Nkombo said when he addressed journalists in Lusaka today. ‘’I have searched my soul and reflected upon my action of inducing a brewer of kachasu on her and her children who are adults, to drink the harmful beer was disproportionate to the effort of correcting a wrong on my part and I take full responsibility for that. I render my unequivocal apology to her, the children and the nation …We will continue to curb the crime of Kachasu brewing using laws while dully respecting the rights of offenders.”

He however refuted media claims that government was targeting the vulnerable in society.
Nkombo said there is no element of discrimination in relation to someone’s social standing in dealing with such matters.

“I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to members of the public who are aware of this illicit trade not to forget the devastating effects of Kachasu and other drugs on citizenry, especially the young and vulnerable to report to relevant authorities and by so doing save people’s lives,’’ said Nkombo.


  1. This should be a police case Gary.

    You can face 14 years in prison.

    You did wrong my friend. I will pray for you as you are one of my favourite ministers.

  2. This is better. The action was inhumane and an embarrassment to the whole government. Hope you have learnt your lessons in public management skills for. This episode. That type of arrogance will not be tolerated at all.

  3. Whilst it is a known fact that kachasu isn’t good for human consumption, an apology is okayed but an alternative method of raising income by the affected family should be initiated. GRZ should apologize with an accompanment of cash money to provide for capital to the affected family.

    Those others still in the same business of kachasu brewing must be cautiously approached and advised to stop and quickly engage in decent businesseses.

  4. It takes a big person to own up and apologize when wrong and sure the Hon Minister has learnt from his actions and will tackle issues better,we all make mistakes it is well Sir, we applaud your humility and maturity to render an apology.

  5. Go back to the family with the same fun fair apologise and seek to find out alternatives with them that could help going forward and maybe it will also help others follow.

    Who knows might just become your Anti-Kachasu ambassador in our communities developing responsibility towards each other. You seem like a person of action seize on the opportunity to do even more.

  6. Him and Jack are the only honourable persons in UPND like i always have noted. Big up Garry.
    A leader has to know when he’s wrong. Unlike the criminal in Nkwazi he can even swear upon his whole bitter life that he never met Milingo when infact he did.

  7. People like him can make someone Boom if found with it kaleza chabe.
    Kachasu No: 1 is always diluted because it’s very strong. The woman an sue him

  8. Ba Garry Nkombo mwaliba umungulu ELO muli ba puba. Do you know the trauma you have caused to that family? You think ekubombesha uko? What ever goes round comes back round.

  9. Thank you to your conscious. But here is a little bit of knowledge sharing I have for you my dear age mate. Between three distilled liquids namely whiskeys, vodkas and gins, all one to me, then the jilijilis and our local kachasu all spirits.
    The two are allowed to dominate our market not that they are good liquids to consume but equally extremely poisonous to the consumer with those that don’t have control its has lead them to death, or divorce or illness, but why then is it regards as good and passed as safe because its produced by our economical masters. Which you love to have every evening!!!
    To me they is not lab distinguishable difference between all the three products, and maybe the so much blamed kachasu would have more health composition than the other two. We are looking for ways to impower locals why not introduce a way of having these spirits tested to be certified like many other spirits. Long ago in South Africa almost every household had a distillation unit to distill mapuru which every spirit loving boerjie then would sip with a loud laugh. Your apology accepted.

  10. A teacher for this matter. Useless full fool… I lost confidence in this criminal….

    UPND VUVUZELAS kambani manje….????

  11. Even if he has apologized he should be fired he is very useless.If those were his children this time he was going to be organizing his so called lawyers.HH if you are serious about Governance and the rule of law this is a yardstick for you since on Kakubo you acted in his defense but Garry has accepted so fire him.

  12. Zambia is not short of upright individuals. Please step down or be fired! This should teach other ministers to think before acting.


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