President Hakainde Hichilema says if he were former president Edgar Lungu he would retire from active politics to allow others to work also.

Addressing journalists at ZAF base in Lusaka upon arrival from his eight-day tour of Europe, President Hichilema said there was no harassment of Lungu, saying if the law says that the former president was entitled to three police officers, it should be so as opposed to him having 13 officers.

“He’s entitled to three policemen but he had how many? He had 13. The question is that how did he have 13 instead three? That was an abrogation of the law. So now how does that become harassment? Honestly, come on,” President Hichilema wondered, adding that civilised nations work according to the dictates of the law, warning otherwise that the same law “will come for you because you have overstepped your right … your liberty.”

“If the law says for a former president to enjoy emoluments of a former president they must not be in active politics and if they are in active politics what do you think should be done? You know the answer. You must stay in line with the law, isn’t it? Then we will have an organised society,” the President said.

He insisted that he did not see any harassment and that if police were harassing him that must be addressed, but that equally people must not sleep outside the gate as that is abrogation of the law.

“And I think police should do their job … Don’t sleep in the streets. They must go and sleep in their homes,” President Hichilema said, arguing that the protection of a former president was the job of the police and nobody else and that under his government there will be law and… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/i-would-retire-from-active-politics-if-i-were-lungu-hh/


  1. After losing elections 5 times in a row, he did not retire.

    His friend has lost just once, and he wants him to retire?


    • Imagine this HH forgets easily ,during his stay in opposition his cadres used to camp at his residence but today he trying to be smart and he forgets that he was the one who gave Ecl 13cops

  2. Point is ECL has already done his 2 terms.

    Anything beyond that is treason.

    What is he going to do that he didn’t do? Kill more people? Steal some more? We have refused that rubbish.

    Lungu should get a life.

  3. Indigo Tyrol and zamzam allow your brains to reason well, HH was in opposition when he lost five times he was not running this national while Edgar lungu was running this national your analytical is very sharrow and horrow

  4. Abena Indigo, your mungulu reasoning, your schyopedity and your mindless hatred for an innocent man will destroy you.

    There is no constitutional limit to the number of times one may stand as a Presidential candidate.

    BUT there is a limit to the number of terms one may serve as president. Two terms. Lungu is like a used tissue. No one in their right mind (except imbeciles like Indigo) goes to reuse toilet tissue they have already used and thrown away.

    Zambia is not short of leaders for us to go back to Lungu. Let’s move on to better things.

  5. Indigo Tryol and ZAMZAM your thinking is no better than the way a dog reasons. HH was protected by his supporters against PF criminals as an opposition leader in active politics unlike Edgar Lungu who lost the State Presidency ba PF idiots imwe. I submit to you.


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