VIDEO: John Sangwa SC grades the UPND Govt the last two years as a FAIL!

John Sangwa


    • Indigo Tryol you have to agree with Lawyer Sangwa coz that suits your hatred for Bally. Your PF club is now peacefully resting in a Political Mortuary awaiting final burial in 2026.

  1. Of course it’s a capital ” F “! Big fail. This is where you can see that white people are very unfair people, when democracy in Zambia is a big fail under Hichilema and Upnd, they are singing ati the best democracy and best president in Africa because Upnd government signed for recognition of minority groups, gay people! But Hichilema will not be in power forever, after he’s out of power that’s when they will dump him. Very sad that Africans never learn from previous experiences!


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