Democratic Party President, Harry Kalaba has reported his former Vice President, Judith Kabemba to the Police for propagating hate speech against a person and tribe.

He has called upon the Police to quickly arrest the culprit of hate speech.


  1. Tribalist caught with pants down!! The one who uttered hate speech is you. Her she exposed you how can that be hate speech?? Anyway she mentioned witnesses so no trouble there

    But you as a proper politician will of course deny every thing but we the voters know you now

    So presidency forget

  2. She was telling the truth that’s why you want to intimidate her by reporting her to police. Ba kalaba mwasebana as tribalist , same boat with your other pf friends.

  3. I knew she trying to be attractive the ruling part. She has tried to destroy DP and become an alliance to UPND. If she lies it is only the police and the judiciary to protect the innocent one. The seed she is planting is dangerous and it backfire. Just do clean politics, if CK said it does not mean you have to start malign innocent people actually Judith she one promoting tribal.

    • That is how I know kalaba does not entertain tribal talk is a real great man.For us to believe please bring the evidence were you recorded all those things without recording then it means that ulabeja musimbi.

      • In public maybe but he let slip his true feelings in private with people he probably considered were his most trusted.

        So clearly you are not one of those even if you consider yourself to be

        This is the hegemony HH was talking about, the narrative that a Tonga cannot become President. We know all the senior Bemba politicians are in on it. That’s why Kambwili jumped ship, and that’s why there are about half a dozen Bemba candidates of various ilk contesting what the believe belongs only to them

    • If he said it how can he be innocent?? This is the same grade 7 logic which has landed this country in the mess it is in. People looking at what they want and trying to twist the narrative even if it is nonsense

      Kalaba said it and there are witnesses period. !! That integrity they are talking about is fake. After all he was PF and we now know what PF ( even then we knew) stands for. Yes he resigned only after it became too much to stomach meaning he did tolerate some of the corruption. So this man of integrity nonsense must stop.

      On top of that he has never reported the corruption to anyone when he is required to do so by law. So where is the integrity??

      Busy running to the police to report fake things when the real things of corruption in PF he has not yet reported?? Selfish

      Presidency the Liz no!!

    • In fact he left PF when he realized that E. L was not going to let go of the party top job. He had thought that the man will complete M. S term only like he said. But then E. L went for another term after S. M term. H. M then knew that the man is not ready to step aside and could push the law to change for him to continue remember him talking about a term being 7 years. H. K decided to ditch form his own thinking he would be the main opposition, under estimating 2XH

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