DP faction leader Judith Kabemba says Kalaba said “there’s no way a Tonga HH can be allowed to be President ” prior to 2021 elections


  1. I am not surprised. There is a pattern to these things. Kambwili made similar comments about Akafumba. One just needs to watch and listen attentively.

  2. I used to respect kalaba, thought he stood on principle especially after resigning from PF but now its all gone. So the morality kalaba espoused was just acting. Very disappointed

  3. This woman is seeking attention and she is a danger to society. Zambia is a troubled nation until we tealise that part. What development would come out of such sentiments madam????

    • She us actually very articulate. She us quite correct in revealing what she has revealed exposing these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

      Kalaba the Liz no. Just start adding zeros to your name. You will never be president. I suppose you thought you were being clever saying something stupid like that. These bemba parties are like that

  4. She is just ‘s scammer, she is seeking recognition from the ruling party. It is unfortunate she has taken a dangerous route, my advice is use other methods which may not bring disunity to this nation, please spare us we in the recovering process. This type of politics are dangerous. Madam please spare this nation. Those who said tribal statements we know them and we heard them they did enough damage to the nation, to me you just in the same boots like Chishimba Kambwili taking advantage of someone else tribe to malign.

  5. Let Kalaba refute the claims. Shame on him. I looked at you as a principled man. no i realize you are not. I thought you were he right person to take over after HH. This will be the end

  6. I hope this should be a lesson to al politicians never to use tribe as campaign issue when they run out ideas. We are now better under HH and UPND. Do you think Kalaba and PF could have come up with the idea of creating cooperatives and huge CDF as we are witnessing under New Dawn. I think if it was him elected he could simply be bragging around telling us how special his tribe is. Fake politicians will be put to shame when New Dawn revives the agriculture sector.

  7. I think you are confusing her with Kambwili. Did you ever hear her campaigning on tribal grounds?? This is the time to expose all tribalist not sweeping these things under the carpet. How does this exposure bring disunity in the country?? Only to tribalist maybe who will feel naked with their tribal thinking

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