POLICE on the Copperbelt Province have apprehended a man of Kitwe following a video posted on social media insulting the Patriotic Front (PF) Government and its leaders.

The man who identified himself in a video clip as Kasonde from Bulangililo township urged people to vote the PF out and advised them to vote for United Party for National Development (UPND).

In the video seen by #Mwebantu, Kasonde is also seen brandishing teaser gun boasting of how he will fight the police come 2021.

He is also seen showing off his voters card and National Registration Card which he said will be used to get rid of the PF.

And Copperbelt Deputy commissioner of police, Bothwell Namuswa has confirmed the apprehension of Lawrence Kasonde aged 24.

Mr Namuswa said this was after police received a complaint from PF Kwacha ward councillor, Alex Chembo.

” He reported that an unknown person posted a video in a PF whatssup group in which he was insulting the President indirectly. Following that report, our officers investigated and unearthed his identity as Lawrence Kasonde of St Anthony area in Kitwe. We managed to apprehended him and he is currently detained, ” he said.

Mr Namuswa said Kasonde is likely to be slapped with charges among them Defamation of the President.


  1. Because he is asking for insults. So he is getting them. Almost every affected Zambian now talks insults against the criminal in state house. We really don’t want him he must go.

  2. Leave the boy alone. He has not mentioned President Edgar Chagwa Lungu but he is talking or throwing his disatisfation or his feelings in the blues.
    Mulekeni please, chamikalipa shani lelo when GBM insulted and no one upto today has ever arrested or reported him to Police

  3. It is wrong to insult and especially those in power even the Bible instructs us to respect those in power but those in power must exercise forgiveness.

  4. Is the mention of body parts an insult? Is it not Biology? Moreover, who was insulted here? I didn’t hear any mention of anyone’s name. Or does everything to PF sound like insults?
    Ba PF, poseniko amano pali cost of living otherwise people are really struggling to make ends meet. You at the top don’t seem to be in touch with reality on the ground. Listen to people. What causes people to insult is when you don’t give them platforms to vent their festering boils inside. Ichikalipa chumfwa umwine!

    • Let them give way for others.Where things are now going seem to be so uncalled for.There is time to come & go.Thanks

  5. There are some who seem happy. As a social scientist who is still current in his reading, I’m deeply worried about the pain and disappointment the PF government has caused and the resultant anger depicted in the video. This country can blow up any time in case some don’t see the warning signs. The situation calls for level headed and informed leadership.

  6. This is a Democratic nation not a dictatorship. People are free to say anything they want. A real Democratic nation is the USA. Trump was insulted by many people but not one was arrested , cause the have better things to worry about than on person insulting awe ni dictatorship you can’t even say a word nishi waya. Awe kuyakwena muleya nangumumwikate

  7. Bushe chishi chingalenga ukulabofya umusalula? OK talumbwile ishina lyamuntu but awe ama words alebofya teyasuma awe, ngalefwaya ukukana tupela vote yobe chilifye bwino Sana but Witukana insele awe Kabiyeni fye kasaleni umuntu ewo mwebene mutemenwe but mumucishi not ukutukana insele awe babe tecisuma tiyeni tukwateko akatina kakwa lesa

  8. Once the general citizens elect the president and other leaders, they depend on having strong independent governance institutions (IGIs) to hold these elected leaders transparent and accountable. However, when some elected presidents interfere with IGIs, these IGIs fail to assist citizens in holding elected leaders accountable. The result is that some citizens vent their anger towards these elected leaders especially towards and during elections. In a democracy, citizens have a right to express their frustrations with underperforming elected leaders. Through elections, leaders are changed if they don’t perform to the expectation of the citizens!!

  9. Social Media and freedom of speech should not be used for insults and unpalatable words. People and individuals should manage well their emotions, stress and anger when they observe economic and social illness like the ones that has befell us. Failure and frustrations should be controlled at individual level. The culture of insults and belittling the President and those in political leadership is not good. People should look for proper ways and channels to air their views, grievances and frustrations. The PF government indeed has mismanaged and messed up the economy. Thieving, corruption, stealing, misappropriation of public funds, poor workmanship, lawlessness, tribalism, nepotism, and poor governance is what characterizes the PF government and its leadership.
    On the other hand, uprightness and integrity should begin at individual level and also good change and improvement through hard work should start at individual and family level. We as individuals should ask ourselves the question of what have done to improve ourselves in terms of social and economic endeavors? At personal level are we self-disciplined in fighting corruption and working hard? How do individuals view public resources, work culture and integrity in our communities? Each and every person has the responsibility to contribute positively to the growth of our country Zambia. The challenge we have today and in the past is that we concentrate on one individual in the name of President to change things and develop the country, which in my opinion is very wrong thing? From 24th October 1964 when Zambia got its independence to date, we as a country we have not found tangible ways and means to build up or establish systems of governance and ethics to enable the majority of people in the formal and informal sector including ordinary citizens both the adults and the young ones to inculcate family values and national values to hold citizens accountable to hardworking, honesty, integrity, self-discipline, law abiding and corrupt free individuals who are responsible to make meaningful control to welfare of Zambia?

    We have successfully managed to change governments and yet individuals and politicians remain the same with old habits of corruption, poor work culture, laziness, dependent on handouts coupled with corruption, nepotism, tribalism, hatred, opportunist, and unforgiving mentality. Zambians should have a change of mindset to move away from individualist tendencies, tribal inclination, selfishness, hypocrisy, and greedy. Change should begin at individual level and thereafter we should make proper system changes in governance and Rule of Law. Currently, we are busy debating the term of office for the president and yet we have politicians (MPs) who have served for more than two terms, are these people promoting inclusiveness and equity… in creating opportunities from all?

  10. So Knowledge, you think the culture of undermining the constitution and rule of law by presidents and political leaders is good and should be tolerated? Why should thieving, corruption, stealing, misappropriation of public funds, lawlessness, tribalism, nepotism and poor governance be tolerated. These vices cannot be addressed at individual levels bwana. These vices are what makes it difficult and in some cases, impossible for individuals to achieve their full potential and the goodness you ask from individuals. Knowing that every individual has some faults, the country has the constitution as the supreme law of the country and related laws which all individuals are subjected to. IGIs are then established to ensure that the constitution and provisions of laws are adhered to.


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