VIDEO: lady cries out for help as Chinese lover dumps her over refusal to sell their son to him


A viral video detailing the harrowing tale of a young mother’s tumultuous relationship with a Chinese expatriate, who abandoned her after impregnating her, has ignited a firestorm of concerns online.

In the video, the narrator, speaking in Yoruba, disclosed that the young woman, identified as Tope Iyabo, and her Chinese lover were once colleagues at a factory company in Ogun State.

Their relationship took a grim turn when Tope became pregnant and gave birth to their son, named David. The Chinese man shockingly demanded that Tope sell their own child to him, threatening to abandon any responsibility if she refused.

Tope courageously declined to sell her child, leading to the Chinese man severing all ties with her and the baby. The narrator detailed their desperate attempts to seek justice, including reporting the matter to the police, filing a lawsuit, and contacting Human Rights organizations.

Regrettably, their efforts appeared to be in vain, with suspicions that the man had managed to manipulate the systems through bribery.

Expressing deep concern, the narrator implored Nigerians to rally behind Tope, highlighting that her rent was due, and her situation was dire. Tope herself confirmed the narrator’s account of her agonizing journey and fervently appealed for support from fellow Nigerians.

The video poignantly captured the stark conditions of Tope Iyabo’s residence, depicting her, her child, and her sister in a profoundly challenging and unkempt environment.



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