Opposition Patriotic Front Kabushi MP Bowman Lusambo is not happy with the remarks US President Joe Biden made about the corruption in the PF regime


  1. The question is, was Biden lying? He called a spade a spade. Probably you wanted him to say you were helping yourselves and your friend with Zambian tax money without their permission. Other polite word Biden would have used instead of corruption is probably that you were taking or rather looting without Zambians knowing. Just wait until our president comes back, you will start singing yourself that really pf was irredeemably corrupt.

  2. Yes PF was voted out mainly due to corruption. Biden was just repeating one of the main reasons why many Zambians voted PF out. Lusambo your intention of trying to extend the fight to Biden just demonstrates that you have run out of things to do in your PF!! Don’t waste parliament debate time with your denying known truths!!

  3. The Hon member can’t even express himself well, but, yes pf was corrupt and that’s the reason the hon is among the rich in this country. Hr discarded his famous blue overall for tailor made suites once he joined the band wagon of thieves. Biden did not accuse pf of corruption, he simply stated a fact and as always, the truth hurts. Lubinda, mwila and many more have also cried foul, but that will not help or save your reputation. The damage is too big

  4. And in their wisdom or lack of it they write to the US charge de affaire to protest the comment from the world’s most powerful man…a mere club surely. This loss of state power has really disoriented them. A govt would have been on firm ground not ka club. Please spare us the embarrassment!

  5. Lusambo your IQ is 0.01% of Biden’s. In other words in front of him you are a mad man. Lusambo you told Zambians that you steal for the future. So how else did you want President Biden to put it. PF is a corrupt Party period and you will never be given a second chance, you know Zambians. The prison is wIting for you.

  6. Who is Lusambo anywhere in the world including the Mwankole Republic, all they know he is a stupid Mwankole and nobody cares what he says or does. Balebeba ati nimwe bakabolala, akapuba kaletalika.

  7. What President Biden said was just an ice beg considering that the fire tenders that the Zambian government procured has an element of corruption. The Biden administration will reveal more if pushed against the wall by the failed PF members.

  8. Biden was just stating the truth and all over the world people know that PF was a corrupt party. He did not say Zambians he said Zambian did well to remove a corrupt regime. America is not the same as Zambia. Biden is a world leader and Lungu was a PF leader full of corruption. No wonder the country is on its knees. I wish Biden said this much earlier than now. He should apologise to the Zambians for having said it this late. It could have won more votes to exceed 2 million plus difference.
    Ask Chishimba how kolaputiiii !!!! PF is. We can play back if you want!!!! Its not about Zambians being corrupt no. But PF. Look into your pockets Lusambo is that all your money no! Huge chuck of it belongs to Zambians.

  9. Actually, the American President did not say anything like that. He said the youth denounced corruption and chartered their own path period.

    You see comprehension is a very important thing have. So now, where was even said that PF was in the picture. You read that line into the sentence yourself Ba PF. Sad really. The Youth’s message is no corruption any where. Period.

    Now apologise for this stupidity.

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