VIDEO: Mass arrests of men in Kamwaza Village of Katete District were 9 police officers were beaten and put on public display



Police arrest over 20 men of Kawaza Village in Katete District following a mob that beat up police officers and left nine officers seriously injured.

In a video that has been shot by an unknown police officer and has since gone viral on social media platforms, police are seen beating the handcuffed suspects.

An official statement is yet to be issued.


  1. This is very good,well done to the police,these Rat eating chaps had gone too far and if nothing was done,it was going to serve as a bad example to others thinking that attacking and beating police officers was a normal thing,boma ni boma bane!

  2. It is very wrong beating up suspects, the police were being very unprofessional in their conduct. They should have simply made arrests and prosecute the suspects. It is very important to subject the suspect to the due process of the law.

  3. I have not seen anyone been beaten up. In a way the police should issue a few smacks to remind these guys to respect authority. Well done ba ZP.

  4. Beating is Very poor way of policing, that’s having very dull officers failing to investigate cases. They don’t present slaps at court for prosecution but investigated verbal information from a suspect. It’s sad see 50 plus years after independence and compared many years ago were height was used now it’s a minimum is grade 12 certificate meaning we should have more reasoning officer’s then before. Circumstances would be only a third of those people really beat the police now how does a cops know who to beat????

  5. The villages errored by beating up police officers because of mob justice. The police should have just arrested the suspects than beating them while handcuffed. Two wrongs cannot make a right. What will happen to the victims when they take them to the cells? Please uphold human rights.

  6. Not long ago, at least one or two villagers would’ve been shot dead for the way they conducted themselves. You can’t dare the police in that manner. The police have really become civil and professional. I am reminded of Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda.


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