1. This is fear babe. Let us chill out. Ndipo we have reduced ourselves to levels that I never imagined we would get to. Instead of simply performing, we are busy obsessing with the opposition. Do you think whatever the opposition says or does will matter if we are doing the right thing? Absolutely not.

    Let’s just work and deliver the things we promised. Period!

  2. The Calibre of leadership in Upnd leaves much to be desired. This is what happens when leadership is tribal based, there’s nobody to go against or advise Hichilema. Respect and recognition is based on tribe and not hierachy!

  3. Bob Mpombo, is that you my friend? You are born again now?

    Ikala fye tondolo iwe.

    While Hakainde is chasing ECL, the Kwacha is racing towards K30 to 1 USD. Let Hakainde get his priorities right. Tell him to channel his energies to what we voted him for, not chasing around drunkards that he can not even catch. Anyunyiwa everyday by ECL. Olilo everyday.

  4. Timely advise to Mwamba, Nakachinda, Kambili, Mmembe, Now Msoni (vested interest), Tayali, Muri Zulu, Silavwe, and all those yaping every day about Promises made as an excuse for inciting the public. Lets remember that PF also made Promises of more money in our pockets. And remind them that there more money in their pockets because they stole our share of the “more money”.


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