September 18, 2023

LUSAKA- UPND is deeply concerned about the opposition’s behavior of resorting to discrediting the government and ruling party in foreign countries.

Lusaka Province chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta, has expressed his dismay over a group of opposition members who are working to discredit the ruling party and government.

Mr Mwaliteta was speaking when he addressed journalists at a media briefing this morning.

“It is unfortunate that the opposition in Zambia is attempting to damage the longstanding relationship that exust between Zambia and Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mr Mwaliteta also called on the government to investigate security agencies to look into reports from the Zambian opposition, suggesting that the president is being paid to overthrow neighboring countries’ governments.

Mr Mwaliteta believes that some opposition members simply hate the President Hakainde Hichilema and have enlisted foreign nationals to harm him, as implied by the ZANU-PF national treasurer.

He expressed concern about Zimbabwean ruling party Treasurer Patrick Chinamisa’s confession, stating that Zimbabwe was involved in the death of Mwanawasa, which indicates that state security is not strong enough to protect the president.

Mr Mwaliteta clarified that the youths will not take it upon themselves to personally defend the president, but they are determined to ensure his protection at all times.
He stated that the violent behavior directed at UPND members is an attempt to provoke the UPND youths into reacting, with the aim to paint them as a violent party.

And Mr Mwaliteta advised the youths not to react when provoked, but rather report all incidents to the police and observe their response.

He urged the youths to strategize and find ways to effectively protect the president from those plotting against him.
Meanwhile Mr Mwaliteta has expressed regret that there is a group of opposition leaders focused solely on planning harm against the president.

He cautioned these leaders to remain vigilant, as the ruling party will not allow their plans to materialize.

He emphasized that, despite the complaints regarding high living standards, the ruling party respects the president’s call to give the opposition space to operate.

While the opposition has been given the opportunity to reform, they have shown no willingness to do so.
The ruling party is now prepared to demonstrate its capacity and deal with these issues accordingly.
Based on these concerns, the youths have submitted a petition to the provincial secretariat, calling for action against the opposition’s unacceptable behavior.

The ruling party hopes that the petition will be taken seriously, and prompt appropriate actions.

Lusaka Central Constituency youths chairperson Mike Tembo, expressed the discontent of the youths regarding the abuse of freedom given to the people of Zambia.

He highlighted the disappointment that people are not taking advantage of the removal of defamation laws against the president to respect and refrain from insulting the president.

Mr Tembo said that the absence of cadres in markets has created an opportunity for the opposition to gather and insult the president, which is concerning.

He emphasized that while the youths will not take the law into their own hands to defend the president, nothing will stop them from supporting and defending the president when he is in power.

“For the first time, people were allowed to gather at the police station to protest the arrest of former First Lady Esther Lungu.And surprising a bail was issued to Mrs Lungu around 20:00 hours when this never happened when in opposition,” he noted.

The youths also expressed their discontent with the behavior of the police, granting police bond at night for non-bondable offenses, which they find unacceptable.

And Mr Tembo declared that starting from that day forward, the youths in Lusaka would actively defend the president, dismissing any misconceptions about the president lacking defenders.

He observed that all PF youths have regrouped and disguised themselves as drivers to not only insult the president but also attack innocent individuals.
Mr Tembo advised the chairman to take the petition seriously, as the youths are serious and determined in their cause.

And Lusaka Province chairperson Anderson Banda, has expressed his expectation that order would be maintained in markets and stations, and that the youth would be encouraged to establish party branches to increase the party’s presence.

He said that there is a group of bus drivers, known as “Ka a group,” who are disregarding the government’s directives to reduce fares.

Mr Banda noted that whenever there is a fuel price hike, these drivers quickly raise fares, but when fuel prices decrease, they refuse to lower fares accordingly.
He warned those responsible for these issues to change their behavior, as otherwise they would soon find themselves regretting their actions.


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