By George Lemba
Muvi Television owner and current leader of the defunct NAREP party Steven Nyirenda has said that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his party have no vision.

Listen to his rants below…


  1. Nabena aba…seeking recognition from PF… Ellias Chipimo , look at the person you sold your party to. Ati Steven Nyirenda. You stood for the poor when you were the leader of that party. Is this another franchise for PF?… kkkkkkkkkk
    Let me watch and see were we are heading naba Steve …kkkkkkkkkk

    • I’m afraid this gentleman seem not to know that our government system is centralised and it’s very difficult for a single area MP/mayor/councillor to implement projects without the support of central government EVEN if the area generates a lot of money.
      Case in point is NW province, the area generates billions of dollars from the mines but look at the infrastructure it has.

  2. Steven Nyirenda. You are just another idiot. What have you done, since Chipimo left? why give idiots such platform? you have now joined PF. come out of your cacoon. NAREP, can not be compared with UPND.

  3. You are offering no solutions on what chipimo is you with no vision and no plan sir .Mr chipimo used to offer sound advice, solutions that were appreciated by all,even by Mr are taking narep no where.sorry but you are a missed call sir.

  4. You are an idiot Mr Nyirenda you are not opposition to Condemn others ,Only an idiot like you can see nomancy in 150 kwacha mealie meal from 30 kwacha You are the only idiot who can see normancy to loadshedding after such a good rain ,its just you an idiot who can see normancy in the price of fuel from five kwacha to 17 kwacha per litre .lts only An idiot like you can see it normal to increase transport from 50 kwacha to 250 kwacha from lsk to chipata your HQ.if you have no vision why call others to be as an idiot like you .Can you compare your kantemba party to UPND ?if they have paid you sit down and eat your money quietly you zealot Chiseller out iweee with no vision ,ubupuba utwale my Narep .Idioncy doesn’t take a party any where let good people advise you or else ifwe tulekutukaula wikabwa saana wikileyasana

  5. True Mr President nothing being offered. You spent more time on HH .Sir you are worse than Chipimo,it is difficult to separate you from PF

  6. Zambians have had enough of such politics of hatred and character assassination. Not interesting. HH is in touch with many zambians and is the choice for 2021. Like other parties have done, join hands as opposition and liberate zambia from further damage economically, Shovel the WW syndrome aside and save many Zambians.

  7. This is Chilufya Tayali type of politics: sebana wikute.

    Steer away from attacking another opposition party. Present your proposed contract with the Zambians. That should be your focus.

    As someone has already stated, you don’t seem to understand the “vote for us if you want to seem development” slogan. It runs deep.

  8. NAREP and PF government have tactically entered into a marriage of convenience. From now and onward you will see Muvi Television start to promote PF false propaganda and attacking Hikainde Hichilema. On the other hand, PF government will use and abuse Steven Nyirenda owner and current leader of the defunct NAREP party to falsely attack the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his party. It is not surprising to see PF through the Independent Broadcasting Authority were hasty to withdraw the broadcasting license of Prime TV so that they can create opportunity to freely work with an easier and more compromised TV station like MUVI TV and its unethical leadership.

    No matter what lies and false propaganda t PF government will use through its dishonest association with crooks it will not work. Even the uninformed population are now aware that PF government has literally failed to govern and preside over the economic and governance affairs of Zambia. PF government has really brought many indescribable sufferings to many Zambians. I expected Steven Nyirenda to talk more about the PF government how they have destroyed our nation Zambia and what vision did the current President had for Zambia? Even before the advent of COVID19 the economy of Zambia under the PF government was still in shambles and deteriorated to negative performance. Steven Nyirenda your greediness and treacherous endeavors will not influence Zambians on the will power of the people. Shut up before the wrath of God strikes you. You should have been the voice of the voices and an advocate of the poor. Instead Steven Nyirenda has sold his soul to the Devil by promoting injustice of attacking an innocent leader and his party who are speaking for poor and downtrodden in the Zambian society.

  9. Calling other that they have no vision how about him has he got vision what am seeing is visionless a Steven Nyirenda ati president no impact at all no followers only him as president his wife vise president and his first born child child that one who failed grade nine secretary general stupidity


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