1. Ba Anthony Mumba you are right on sport. PF is dead. When you are doing what you think is right do it for the sake of your people. PF are criminals and dont give them a dame they can do what they wish to . My advice is can you right them a resignation letter before they say you are expelled.

  2. Why should he cause a by election. Stay, but do whàt is right so that you get your gratuity at end of this parliament’s term. Except for those that came to PF through Lungu’s patronage, all other MPs know that PF is dead.

  3. Kabushi + Kwacha + Kantanshi = 3 UPND Gain
    PF – Kabushi – Kwacha – Kantanshi = 3 PF loss
    By the time it is 2026 Pa Fimafi will have one or two seats in parliament. Political history in Zambia has a way of repeating itself. PF is dead and dead just like the parties that have been in power before. Tulelanda utupuba tuletaliks

  4. Ba Mumba ngamuli babemba. Ifwe tutila tabasha wanya munsakwe. When done with temporal shelter, you leave without defacating in it. Pf is dead, so move on peacefully. Remember, GBM, Kambwili, milosi, mulenga satana, these worked had to destroy pf and they achieved. Now they want to lead the same party they destroyed. Foolishmen. Charles kakoma, belemu and that other woman, left upnd and did not destroy it. Instead campaigning in their constituencies, they went with others. When they saw that their misjudgements will not help, they went back and today they have a voice in upnd. Ala tabasha baloona mukwai.


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