1. Honestly???? This is an education institution in 21st century age of AI??? And these are rational adults in charge of educating Zambia’s demographic dividend???

  2. What is the logic behind this? Yes those phones could have just been confiscated and returned to the pupils end of term.

    • Ba Kubweka, confiscated and returned? If the rule is that “no cell phones” and the pupils were aware that the consequences of breaking the rule is the destruction of the gadget, then the action is justified and there is nothing primitive about that.

      The pupil and the parents must be made to realise that breaking the rule has dire consequences. Confiscating and returning the phones at the end of the term will not discourage breaking the no cellphone rule.

      These phone are a serious distraction for students. They don’t need them while in school.

  3. This haste decision to destroy phones purchased by parents will be faced will legal issues.

    In a time when IT is being encouraged to be used as aids of education the reasonable strategy would have been teach the students to effectively use the phone to enhance their studies instead of using them to deal with unnecessary information.

    Phones can be the next thing to save lives when danger strikes. We need to really change the way these school authorities think. Besides that the phones may have been bought at a great cost.

    Let the affected parents that authorized their children to use these tools wisely sue for compensation.

  4. This is illegal as it’s malicious damage to property. Even if pupils are not allowed to carry phones the best the school administration could have done was to punish the pupils, confiscate their phones until end of term. Now the parents will sue the school and they will have to pay compensation foe loss of those phoned.

  5. All you idiots who are saying it’s illigal or primitive to break those phones must really be poor and outdated in thinking.
    If you go to US embassy you will never be allowed to enter with a phone/camera inside and if found guilty you lose your gadget, what they do with it, no one knows. And thats done to adults.
    These are kids whose responsibility falls on a teacher/school, if the child fails the exam or gets impregnated by someone from lsk whilst in school, parents will castigate the school administration for not making sure they safeguarded the child from the vices.

    • Your thinking is very DULL!!!!
      What is stopping these authorities from acting like normal human beings by confiscating these phones and summoning the parents, or indeed suspending offenders? Breaking phones is the right way? Very DULL!!!

    • If you go to us embassy with your phone they will confiscate it then give you back when you leave after they have examined it. They don’t break it because they also know it’s against the law Herr in zambia as well as in America.


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